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• 1/10/2019

Continuation please

Why is there no continuation of hunter can u ask the owner please to create the continuation

If he is dead already then ask his grandsons

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• 12/22/2018


i just want to say how much i love alluka...... i will die for her.. thats all i have to say goodnight

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• 12/2/2018

Is Gon freecs and Don Freecs, the same person?

It is implied that Don Freecs, the author of the Journey to the new world and who explored the Dark continent is still alive and writing the west volume of the book.

• Could it be by any circumstances that he was transformed voluntarily/involuntarily by some force in the Dark continent?

•Is it possible that while his writing the west volume he discovered a powerful entity/force that caused him to age in reverse back to infancy?

•Is Ging Freecs his son and his companion to his journey and brought him back to safety?

•Gon, in his fight with Neferpitou transformed in his older body/self, was it just a breakthrough due to his anger and strong emotional stress that his true and former self was revealed?

• Is it possible that the entity that transformed Gon/Don freecs the same entity inside Alluka Zoldyck?

• Is Ging Freecs searching for the cure and guiding his father so they can finally go back to the Dark continent and continue the exploration and finish the West volume of the book?

• Is the reason why it’s emplied that Don Freecs is alive because he is in the persona of Gon Freecs?

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• 11/30/2018
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• 10/26/2018

Gyo vs In

Do you guys think Gyo (despite being a breed of Ko and havinng different concentrations) is an absolute counter-measure against In?

New nen users see aura, because the nodes in their eyes awaken... but Gyo is simply "more aura" so why can't it be quantified? Like, can't In beat Gyo?

If so, through what means are the Guardian Beasts and Silent majority invisible even to nen users?

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• 10/25/2018

German Hunter x HUnter wiki

I need help setting up the German Hunter x Hunter Wiki.

If there are people here who speek German, can you help please?

Hunter X Hunter Wikia @getfandom
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• 10/19/2018

Alluka Male or Female?

I believe the confusion comes from how they handled talking about it. Everyone who isn't Killua reffers to Alluka as a male. However due to it mostly being Zoldyck family and butlers people often attribute it to malice. What makes the most sense to me after re-reading is that Alluka is male, but Nanika is female. Alluka referrs to Nanika as a female and when Killua was explaining the situation to Morel he said that his older brother was trying to kill his younger brother. So he identified Alluka as a male. Was this due to his level 4 restriction about not revealing Alluka's power? Maybe. Killua also said that Alluka spent most of his time as Nanika, so that could be why he just decides to reffer to Alluka as a girl. Those are my thoughts I would like to hear yours.

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• 9/24/2018

“Ruler only” cards -001 and -002 found

In the anime and manga, only one “Ruler only” card has ever been revealed (When Razor used -003 to kick the Phantom Troupe off of Greed Island). Until now. A greed island card set on premium Bandai (set to release in February 2019) revealed pictures of the cards -001 and -002. I’m not editing the page because I can’t guarantee these are accurate translations.

Card number: -001
Card name: Master
Card effect: Stop the behavior of any NPC or enemy
Card number: -002
Card name: Limits of none
Card effect: Reset all card data
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• 9/22/2018
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• 8/14/2018


Where is Gon is he gone?
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• 8/10/2018


I need help making some abilities for a HxH OC. Got any ideas? For a template, just copy and paste this.

Ability's Name.

Nen Type it uses:


Restrictions (If Any):
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• 7/27/2018

what is your nen ability/s

it kind of said it all make up your own nen ability take a nen type quiz (you dont have to if you dont want to or you already have) maybe look at the nen page on this wikia for a refresher and yes im not talking about ability concepts or ocs im talking about YOUR nen power so incorporate the things you love and enjoy in to it (make it personal) and try to make it balanced and as for the format it will go as follows


category/s: (in the event of having multiple category's please specify which one is the main)

power:(what it does and how it works your free to put as mush or as little detail as you please)

weaknesses:(the conditions and limitations of the ability)

that is all have fun and most importantly have a merry day.
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• 5/3/2018

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