The 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc (選挙編, Senkyo-hen),[citation needed] officially called "Hunter Elections Arc" by Viz,[1] is the seventh (officially sixth) story arc of the series and spans from chapters 319 to 339 of the manga. The arc was released after the debut of the 2011 anime adaptation. In 2011 anime, it begins with episode 137 and ends with episode 148 (the final episode of the 2011 TV series). The arc has been succeeded by the Dark Continent Expedition arc.


Enter the Zodiacs!

The Zodiacs arrive in the Hunter Association building

Following the death of Chairman Isaac Netero during the events in East Gorteau, the Zodiacs have gathered in the Hunter Association building for a discussion. The first eleven members—Mizaistom Nana, Pyon, Gel, Cluck, Saiyu, Botobai Gigante, Saccho Kobayakawa, Kanzai, Ginta, Cheadle Yorkshire, and Ging Freecss—await for the last member to arrive. Finally, Pariston Hill, the current Vice Chairman, arrives and apologizes for the delay.[2]

As Pariston proceeds to discuss the upcoming election, he is interrupted by Kanzai and Pyon, who are none too pleased with Pariston's sudden taking of charge when he is late. Despite apologizing, Pariston emphasizes his rank as Vice Chairman, though he does offer the lead to Botobai, who is the most senior member of the Zodiacs, and to Cheadle, who has better procedural skills. Exasperated, Saiyu urges Pariston to continue, but a show of hands present that some members are against it. Then, Pariston moves on to his proposal: to announce himself as Chairman and skip the election.[2]

The Zodiacs enraged by Pariston's suggestion

This suggestion greatly angers the Zodiacs—all, but Ging Freecss. Ginta threatens to kill Pariston and Gel transforms her hand into a snake, as Pariston assesses the situation. He promises to understand the feelings of the weak, because, according to Pariston, former Chairman Netero was too strong that he was unable to understand them. Mizaistom also points out that 18 people have been declared missing since Pariston became the Vice Chairman, and Pariston assures him that the number will decease. Before Mizaistom could act upon it, Ging suddenly announces his candidacy as Chairman, which surprises everyone in the room.[2]

Pariston mentions the condition of Gon Freecss, whose life is in danger. He proposes to visit Gon in the hospital, but muses whether he should, since Gon was dying. Ging, however, assures him that Gon would not die. Suddenly, Pariston offers a more systematic way to decide on the candidacy. Cheadle suggests a lottery voting. Despite Saiyu's disagreement, Cheadle explains that each Zodiac could propose rules for the upcoming election. Everyone agrees. The Zodiacs decide that Beans should take responsibility, and he agrees. Beans picks a paper from the basket, which turns out to be Ging's. His rules are:

Beans drawing the lot

  1. All Hunters are both candidates and voters.[2]
  2. The election will be repeated if the candidate with most votes has not achieved the majority of votes in the first election.
  3. A particular election will be redone if the voting rate is less than 95%.
  4. It is mandatory that all Hunters write their names, else all nameless votes will be null and void.
  5. The Chairman of the election committee is Ging Freecss.[3]

The Zodiacs begin to disagree with Ging's rules, thinking that the rules were only made for Ging's entertainment. Pariston agrees with rules 1-4, but suggests that deciding on the Chairman should come later, to which Ging calmly complies, much to the bewilderment of the other members.[3]

Ging instructs Beans what to do

As Beans watches the scene unfold before him, he recalls how Ging visited him two days ago. Ging requests for a pen and notepad in the meeting room, as well as a dust bin. When Beans asked him, Ging explained that it would take forever for the discussion to end, especially with Pariston around. He gave Beans the rules and explained further that Pariston already had a decisive advantage. Beans listened to Ging's instructions, and when he suggested that Ging may win as Chairman, Ging immediately brushed the idea off, claiming that he only wanted to continue Chairman Netero's legacy and did not want a tiresome job.[3]

Start of Election

With everything settled, Cluck disseminates the information regarding the Hunter Chairman election through controlling pigeons. The voting will be held on August 8th at midnight, with 661 participants. Among the voters are familiar Hunters—the examiners from 287th Hunter Exam, bodyguards of Neon Nostrade, and players from Greed Island.[3]

Hisoka arrives to cast his vote

Unexpectedly, Hisoka arrives to vote. Kanzai audibly claims that he did not think murderers could care for the event, which Hisoka proves to be true, as he shows Kanzai his blank paper. When Ginta questions him, Hisoka answers that he is looking for someone called Ging. Pyon answers for him, that Ging has already left. Even in his disappointment, Hisoka gauges the strength of the three Zodiacs: Kanzai, 85 points; Ginta, 90 points; and Pyon, 77 points. Kanzai berates him for staying within the building, but Ginta knows that the magician is only there to size the strength of the other Hunters.[3]

Hisoka and Illumi discussing the events

As Hisoka mentally notes that he could fight the Zodiacs next, he suddenly senses someone stronger, with 95 points. Hisoka expresses his dismay as Illumi Zoldyck, disguised as Gittarackur, is the one who only approached him. Illumi explains that the election is held because Chairman Netero died while fighting some "foreign Ants". When Hisoka shows no information about the event, Illumi claims that Hisoka has been so busy going after Chrollo Lucilfer that he did not get the chance to fight either the Ants or the Chairman himself. Illumi tells him that Gon and Killua Zoldyck also participated in the hunt, Gon is currently dying, and Killua has returned home to speak to their father. He admits that both Gon and Killua would die, and would only avoid that if the younger brother of the Zoldyck Family is eliminated.[3]

Pariston coming in first place

The results of the first election is released, with Pariston in first place with 249 votes, Cheadle in second with 42 votes, and Ickshonpe Katocha with 26 votes. As the voting rate is less than 95%, there will be a re-election. Ging Freecss coaxes Beans into showing him the results of the votes, but Beans refuses, which prompts Ging to call him with insulting names.[3]

The showdown versus Pariston and Cheadle

Another meeting for the Zodiacs is being held. Pariston suggests that, in order to avoid blank sheets, Beans must check each paper. He also suggests that Hunters who abstain from voting should have their Hunter Licenses confiscated temporarily. Pariston and Kanzai then fall into an argument, with the former giving emphasize on Kanzai's lack of knowledge in language and arithmetic. The second election results reveal that Pariston, Cheadle, and Ickshonpe are still the leading three candidates. An enraged Kanzai moves to attack Pariston, but is stopped simultaneously by Saiyu, Gel, and Mizaistom, who gives Kanzai a warning. To settle the dispute, Cheadle proposes that Hunters must be informed before more rules are added and that casting an ineffective vote is against the law. Although Pariston agrees with her first statement, he reminds Cheadle that she is one of the forefront friends of the late Chairman. They begin to discuss the difficulty of election and that Chairman Netero entrusted the election to be managed by the Zodiacs. Cheadle admonishes Pariston for suggesting that Hunter Licenses should be confiscated, which Pariston claims is something he does not want to do. She begins to think about the voting turnout and wishes that Ging is there to assist. She describes Pariston an unrestrained beast, and wonders why the late Chairman chose someone like him to be Vice Chairman.[4]

The Monster

Elsewhere, Seaquant expresses his surprise when he finds out from Zebro that Killua has returned home. He is even more surprised to find out that Killua opened the Testing Gate up to gate 5. Zebro says that he is worried of Killua's expression, but later learns about Gon's current condition.[4]

Silva and Killua speaking to each other

Inside Silva Zoldyck's room, Killua tries to persuade his father into seeing Alluka Zoldyck, whose power he needs to save Gon. Silva disagrees, calling Alluka an uncontrollable child, but Killua insists that his father and older brother could control her. Silva admits that he cannot think of Alluka as family, and it is only something that came from a different and dark place. Killua explains little about Gon and assures that he can control Alluka. He reminds his father about the promise they made long ago: never betray your friends. With that, Silva finally agrees.[4]

Silva leads them through a series of locked doors. He informs his son that Alluka has not finished "pestering" yet and that Milluki Zoldyck's last wish was a PC. He asks Killua to repeat the rules when asking a wish, but when Killua disagrees, Silva threatens to end the business then and there. Finally, Killua complies.[5]

Alluka in wish granting mode as a child

A flashback shows Killua and Alluka's childhood together. As a child, Alluka asked her butler Mitsuba to carry her, climb the stairs, and play upsy-daisy with her, all of which Mitsuba followed. The female butler was shocked to see Alluka's eyes become black. She called for help, but Killua arrived just in time to make "wish" of giving him an upsy-daisy. Afterward, Alluka returns to normal. Mitsuba had already contacted the siblings' mother about the occurrence. In the family room, both Silva and Kikyo Zoldyck interrogated Killua. Killua explained that Alluka's eyes turn white after granting one "wish", but if one would listen to her "pesterings", they would turn black.[5]

The consequence of declining Alluka's requests is death

In order to test this power, Kikyo ordered Mitsuba to decline all of Alluka's pesterings this time. After refusing Alluka four times in a row, Mitsuba is suddenly crushed into minced meat as a result. In the butlers' lodge, another butler shared the same fate as Mitsuba. Following the incident, Kikyo explained that Mitsuba was in the play room while Hassam was in the butler building, when they both turned into minced meat at the same time. Sensing the confusion of his parents, Killua told them that Mitsuba declined Alluka four times. Thus, another test was made. A new butler, Yasuha, listened to all three pesterings, which made Alluka's eyes turn black. Yasuha wished to become a billionaire. Alluka agreed, and suddenly, paper bills fell from the sky. Later, a news informed about an transport airship with cash that disappeared. Yasuha later apologized for giving into temptation, but Illumi did not think it was a coincidence.[5]

Illumi instructs Kasuga to grant Alluka's requests

Silva and Kikyo wondered why, despite Alluka being with them, she was not pestering family members at all. Illumi asked permission to handle the next butler, Kasuga, and instructed her that if she listened to all of Alluka's requests, Illumi would overlook both Kasuga and her lover. When he was gone, Alluka began to ask for Kasuga's liver, duodenum, spine, and brain—all of which Kasuga could not provide.[5]

Back in the present, Killua recites the rules known to the Zoldycks:

  1. If an individual grants three of Alluka's requests, she will grant one "wish".
  2. The greater the "wish", the next three requests are more difficult.
  3. The next person who asks a "wish" from Alluka has to face the difficulty of requests from the previous "wish".
  4. If Alluka's requests are declined four times in a row, the person who declines and the person he/she loves the most will die.

Killua remembers that 67 people died from the incident involving Yasuha's billionaire request, Kasuga's inability to listen to Alluka's request, which resulted in 67 simultaneous deaths.[5]

The Request

Hisoka and Illumi conversing in an airship bar

Illumi and Hisoka further discuss the consequences of Alluka's power in an airship bar. According to Illumi, their mother sacrificed several pairs of people to make sure, while Milluki traded some tourists for his "toys". He explains that between those sacrifices, two big occurrences happened concerning Yasuha's and Milluki's request. In a flashback, it showed Milluki walking with his two younger siblings, Alluka and Kalluto, with a tourist, Muna. Alluka suddenly requests something from Muna, but Milluki assures the tourist that Alluka was only playing and he only had to refuse. Illumi then explains that after the incident with Yasuha and Kasuga, it is easy to track down the victims. Those who died in the exact manner and time as Kasuga were her fellow butlers, homeroom teacher, and classmates in the Zoldyck Estate. It defies the rule about the one who asked for a wish and his/her most beloved person would die, as it is impossible for Kasuga to love all of her classmates. Also, Kasuga's ill mother, whom she could only meet once a month for thirty minutes, did not die.[6]

Hisoka suggests that it may have been a change of heart, but Illumi explains that Kasuga did love her mother, only that she met a man over the Internet whom she loved more. The Zoldycks then came into conclusion that if the person who fails Alluka's requests dies, his/her loved one would die, as well as the people who spent much time with the "failed" person. Illumi guesses Killua would ask Alluka to heal Gon, but is sure that Killua would do it the wrong way: he would have somebody else make the request, but pay the price himself. Illumi claims that his younger brother could die trying to fulfill Alluka's requests, and Hisoka thinks both Killua and Gon, the most beloved person, would die. For a moment, Illumi corrects him: Killua and Illumi would die, instead of Gon. Illumi does not mind; his concern goes to the survival of the whole Zoldyck Family. He instructs Hisoka to watch Killua and Alluka; if Killua agrees to a request but is actually lying, Hisoka has the permission to kill Alluka.[6]

Killua and Alluka are reunited

Back in the Zoldyck Estate, Alluka enthusiastically greets Killua, who apologizes for leaving her behind. She begins to pester Killua with requests, to which Killua agrees. Next, Alluka asks to play shiritori, as Killua notes that the Alluka who calls him only by his name is an entirely different thing.[6]

Meanwhile, the third election has taken place, with Pariston and Cheadle on the top two spots, and Botobai Gigante now in the third place. Pariston notices that more Hunters have abstained from voting, in fear of losing their Licenses. Beans hands out the list of Hunters whom Cluck should send the messages to. Cheadle notices how Pariston makes decisions that would clearly give him the disadvantage, as though he enjoys challenges. Pariston offers that the Zodiacs should hold a lecture, to remind the Hunters about the importance of the election.[6]

Joining the Fray

Silva, Kikyo, and Milluki are watching

As Killua and Alluka remain in the locked room, Silva, Kikyo, and Milluki watch through a surveillance camera. While Kikyo shows amusement that Killua has turned into a good older brother, Milluki expresses his disappointment, for his computer wish was a "piece of cake", which earns him a glare from his father. Silva asks Milluki to recite the rules once again, which adds that Alluka's wishes could not be passed to another person while still in the middle of the transaction. They notice that Killua has not asked a wish yet, and Milluki knows that Killua would not sacrifice innocent lives to save his friend.[7]

Nanika listens to Killua's request

Then, Killua carries Alluka in his arms and demands that they should be released. Silva refuses and orders him to make the wish inside the room. In order to leave his father with no choice, Killua wishes for Alluka (now turned into Nanika) to kill their mother if both of them have not left the mountain within half an hour. If they are able to do so, Nanika must give Killua a kiss on the cheek. Kikyo slumps on the floor, being proud of Killua for saying something as such. Silva reluctantly opens the door and lets them leave.[7]

Morel Mackernasey receives a call from Killua and tells him that Gon's condition remains the same, and a number of familiar friends have come to visit the hospital. Morel suggests that a Nen exorcist must be called to help, but Killua assures him that his method is easier, although the process of getting to the hospital would be of some difficulty. He contacts Gotoh, a senior butler, who warns Killua about the restriction of movements; if the restriction reaches level 5, wherein the target must be apprehended for leaving the estate, Killua may be captured immediately.[7]

Gotoh and Canary escort Killua and Alluka

To avoid complications, Killua and Alluka are joined by Gotoh and Canary. Gotoh questions why Canary has to be with them, and Killua lectures him that only a female butler could provide Alluka's "girlish" needs. Then, two more butlers arrive, much to the surprise of Killua. Tsubone, with her granddaughter Amane, claims that Silva has ordered them to come. When Tsubone threatens Killua about breaking the rules, Alluka comes to her brother's defense. Bemused, Tsubone apologizes. Amane introduces herself to Canary, just as Alluka begins to ask for Tsubone's fingernail.[7]

Tsubone wholeheartedly complies and tells Killua that she would conceal herself for the moment, to prevent Alluka from requesting to other people. Alluka then asks if he is mad, but Killua assures her that there is nothing to worry about.[7]

The group leaves the Zoldyck Estate and travels by car. Gotoh receives a call from Leorio Paradinight; the two quickly fall into an argument. The butler informs Leorio that Killua is headed to the hospital, and in doing so, has risked his life. Morel tries to take the call, but Leorio disagrees. When Gotoh requests that all patients and doctors in the hospital, with the exception of Gon, should leave, Leorio suddenly bursts out, prompting Morel to take the phone and listen to the conditions himself. He agrees and calls Knov for assistance. As Leorio turns to leave the hospital, he tells Morel that he needs to speak to someone—Kurapika.[8]

Leorio's warping punch hits Ging

In the Hunter Association building, the lecture between the Zodiacs and the Hunters begin. Leorio steps up to ask Ging Freecss a question: why hasn't Ging visited Gon yet? When Ging learns that Leorio is Gon's friend, he expresses his gratitude and would be relying on Leorio. The indifferent answer enrages Leorio, inducing him to deliver an attack to Ging's direction. The Hunters who have witnessed the exchange cheer enthusiastically. The fourth election results end with Pariston, Cheadle, and Leorio as the top three.[8]

Due to the previous election exceeding the 95% rule, Beans proceeds to introduce the top 16 candidates.[9]

The Chase: Killua vs. Illumi

Gotoh answers a call from Illumi

Still traveling by car, Gotoh receives another phone call, and is surprised to hear from Illumi Zoldyck. As Killua takes the phone, he realizes that his father Silva has sent Tsubone and Amane to learn more about Alluka's power, and when Illumi's name is mentioned, it is confirmed by Amane's anxiety that Illumi's desire does not match that of Silva and Zeno's desire to control Alluka's ability.[9]

Illumi inquires about the needle, which Killua replies that he has already removed it. In an inner mission, according to Illumi, family members are not allowed to kill each other, implying that none of the Zoldycks think of Alluka as family. It angers Killua, who suddenly challenges his brother. Amused, Illumi states that he will begin now.[9]

Illumi threatens Hisoka

At once, the car in which the group travels is crashed by an incoming truck, whose drivers are killed and manipulated by Illumi. The vehicle falls off the cliffs, as both Illumi and Hisoka watch from afar. Illumi instructs Hisoka to eliminate the butlers and take Alluka away but when Hisoka asks if he could kill Killua, Illumi's composure immediately changes as he threatens Hisoka.[9]

Below the cliffs, Killua senses his brother's killing aura. Amane suggests that the group must stay away from Illumi, and tells Killua she and her grandmother Tsubone are not the enemies. Their only goal is to ensure Killua's safety.[9] Killua uses his Godspeed Nen ability to separate from the group, just as Hisoka arrives to confront the three butlers. Meanwhile, Tsubone chases after Killua and Alluka, who amuses herself on how Killua would become a splendid assassin. When they have stopped, Alluka asks her brother if she is only a hindrance in the family, but Killua assures her that she is not.[10]

The Magician and the Butler

Hisoka goes against the Zoldyck butlers

Gotoh, Canary, and Amane confront the newcomer, who simply identifies himself as a magician. Hisoka attacks the butlers with his cards, but the cards are deflected by Gotoh's coins. Gotoh instructs Canary and Amane to save their energy and to chase after Killua instead, while he deals with the enemy. Hisoka praises the strength of the coins, which are stronger than bullets, as he explains the properties of his Bungee Gum ability.[10]

Gotoh is defeated by Hisoka

Once again, Gotoh fires his coins, but Hisoka easily catches them using his Bungee Gum. However, he is surprised that the strength of the coins has increased, rotating Hisoka's arms while still fastened with Bungee Gum. He releases his ability and escapes to the trees. Hisoka proposes a riddle to Gotoh: how many coins should he return? He hurls the coins back to Gotoh, who deflects all the attacks and is unaware of the incoming attack from above. Hisoka beheads Gotoh, as the answer to his riddle is "death".[10]


The butlers chase after Killua and Alluka

Using Godspeed, Killua intends to reach the nearest airport as soon as possible. Unable to keep up with the speed, Tsubone contacts Amane and Canary. She transforms herself into a motorcycle, which uses the rider's Nen to propel itself. Killua is surprised that he had been followed, and so escapes his pursuers by jumping off the road and traversing the forest instead. Tsubone's group arrives in the airport earlier than Killua, and Amane informs him that they have one airship prepared. Killua scolds her and orders her to prepare five more airships.[11]

Amane and Canary do as they are ordered until Amane notices that Killua and Alluka are gone. She gets flustered and puts all the blame to Canary, who insists on being innocent, despite teasing Amane as well.[11]

Morel learns about Illumi and Alluka

In the airship, Killua explains the situation to Morel: his younger brother's ability could save Gon while risking to kill the whole Zoldyck Family. To make matters worse, an older brother tries to kill the younger one. Realizing that they could not chase Killua, Illumi relies on the help of his Needle People. Killua gives consent that Hunters may try to hunt his brother Illumi, and Morel thinks Teradein Neutral and Bushidora Ambitious could agree into it. Later, Teradein, Bushidora, and Loupe Highland announce that Illumi and his Needle People must be captured. As both Hunters and Needle People move out, Illumi asks Hisoka to hunt the "misses" for him, which Hisoka gladly accepts.[11]

The Pure Paladin Squad

Teradein along with Loupe and Bushidora explain the situation to their fellow Hunters

Through television broadcast, Teradein expresses his interest in reviving the Pure Paladin Squad, a team of elite Hunters in which former Chairman Isaac Netero once belonged. According to Bushidora, Teradein would be the representative, Loupe the vice representative, and himself the captain of the forces. Thus, both him and Loupe seek others to vote for Teradein in the Hunter Chairman Election. Teradein announces that his group is in search of Hunters who have committed crimes. The results of the fifth election end with Pariston, Teradein rising to second place, Cheadle and Leorio descending to third and fourth places, respectively. The candidates from ninth place and below then give out their losing speech.[12]

Elsewhere, Hisoka beams at Illumi for finding a map and proposes to make a copy out of it. Illumi, however, declines, as he already acquired one from the "idiot" who was following him. Hisoka remembers the "peeping tom" and discards his map. In the shadows, Tsubone calls for Amane and uses her ability, Rider's High, to chase Killua's airship.[12]

A Hunter who Illumi manipulates has informed the Hunter Association that there are no movements. Bushidora suspects that the call came from a controlled Hunter, while Teradein and Loupe are startled that the 20 dispatched Hunters on the field are all eliminated. Bushidora announces his determination to go there himself, to prove himself worthy to become a captain of the Pure Paladin Squad. When Loupe inquires Bushidora about the votes, he responds with all that can go should go, even if none of those out on the hunt currently vote, they should still be able to get in the top four. The sixth election results are released and the top four from the previous election remain the same. Loupe rushes in to inform that all Temp Hunters dispatched are eliminated, and Teradein is horrified to think that Illumi must have dozens of strong people helping him.[12]


Illumi warns Killua

Killua calls Canary and orders her to have three cars waiting until the airship has landed. Then he orders the butler driving, Hishita, to take him and Alluka to the hospital. Suddenly, the car stops and two Needle People appear, blocking the pathway. Killua orders Hishita to leave immediately, yet the butler does not comply, being one of the Needle People now. More manipulated people arrive and surround the vehicle, as Illumi himself appears from the shadows.[13]

Tsubone and Amane reveal themselves

Illumi asks his brother to hand Alluka over but Killua refuses. Tsubone appears and informs him that she has fallen into Illumi's trap and that their mother Kikyo is watching through her scope; it is also possible that Milluki is cooperating as well, by sending feedback to Illumi. Illumi suspects that even if Tsubone realized she was being watched, she could not remove her scope, as it is an order from her superior. Suddenly, Alluka requests Tsubone's fingernails. As Tsubone easily complies, Illumi is shown to be somehow displeased.[13]

With Nanika in tow, Killua is able to "wish". In the shadows, Hisoka contemplates to himself whether to kill Alluka and earn Killua's hatred, or let Alluka live, save Gon, and make Illumi his enemy. Then, Illumi begins to question his brother whether Killua would kill him and save Gon. As Killua cries, he wishes for Nanika to heal Tsubone's hand instead. He explains that healing something requires a lot of energy, and as Alluka turns back into her usual self, she falls asleep in Killua's arms. Killua threatens Illumi for referring to Alluka as a tool, and Illumi complies, relieved that there is a way to heal Gon without putting Killua at risk. However, until Killua is still hiding some rules, Alluka would never be free of Illumi. Finally, they come into an agreement and Killua and Alluka continue towards the hospital.[13]

Teradein killed by Hisoka

Meanwhile, Teradein gravely announces the death of Bushidora, along with over a hundred Hunters who were sent to eliminate Illumi. While he asks for more Hunters to vote for him, Hisoka slips in his room and kills him. With Teradein terminated, the results of the sixth election have Pariston in the first place, Leorio in second, Cheadle and Mizaistom Nana in third and fourth places. The election would then continue with only the top four candidates.[13]

Cheadle confronts Ging and receives advice from him

In the Hunter Association headquarters, Ging Freecss is confronted by Cheadle. She learns that Ging plans to leave and asks him about it, while Ging only explains that he only had his fun during the election, with meeting Leorio one of his biggest gains. Ging also adds that he plans on voting for Cheadle, who immediately accuses him of being able to win the election by gathering votes from the Zodiacs and that of Teradein's. Ging shrugs her off and mentions about the "X Day". With no other options, Cheadle asks for advice on how to beat Pariston. Ging begins to explain that in order to defeat Pariston, Cheadle must understand how her opponent thinks. He adds that after the death of Chairman Netero, over a hundred airships from the Hunter Association headed to Republic of East Gorteau and picked up 5,000 cocoons. Ging assumes that the cocoons have already hatched and that Pariston intends to use them at the end of the Hunter Exam, the "X Day".[14]

The Eighth Election for the 13th Hunter Chairman begins with the enumeration of the Hunter Bylaws. Pyon once again hosts the event and announces that the speeches should begin. Botobai Gigante encourages the other Hunters to vote for Cheadle and Ickshonpe Katocha claims he does not care (and warns Ging not to disappear, and offers a card). Meanwhile, Killua and Alluka finally arrive at the hospital where Gon is kept. Some of their friends are also waiting, including Palm Siberia, Knuckle Bine, Meleoron, Ikalgo, Hanzo, Biscuit Krueger, Melody, and Goreinu. Finally, Pyon announces that no Hunter should leave the hall until a candidate becomes victorious.[14]

The 13th Chairman!

Mizaistom gives his speech

Among the four remaining candidates, Mizaistom goes first and inspires the Hunters to vote for Cheadle instead, hoping that his announcement would knock Pariston out of the competition. Cheadle comes next and briefly, announces that she supports Leorio as the next Chairman. Everyone in the hall, including Mizaistom, Pariston, and Ging, are surprised. Leorio then steps on stage. Although he admits to himself that he is not ready, he honestly claims that he intends to make the whole Association his private property and that his first act as Chairman would be to save Gon. His heartfelt confession about being unable to help Gon earns him the support of all the Hunters within the room. After the thunderous applause he receives, Pariston steps forward to give his speech. Cheadle seems so sure that Leorio would become the next Chairman.[15]

Back in the hospital, Alluka finally awakens. Killua explains that a friend of his is sick in bed and he wants to make him feel better again. When Alluka refuses to transform into Nanika, Killua assures him that they would always be together thereafter. Elsewhere, Illumi contemplates on the power of Alluka and finds out that the rules actually do not apply to Killua at all. Tsubone refers to his ambition to control his siblings as sinister and cruel, to the point of straying from the path of an assassin. Killua wishes for Nanika to bring Gon back to normal, with Nanika responding positively.[15]

On the podium, Pariston delivers his speech and declares that Mizaistom should win the election. He explains that strength, experience, and caliber are the characteristics of a good Chairman, all that Mizaistom possesses. After his speech, the four candidates begin their debate. When Cheadle glances towards Ging's direction, she finds him dozing off in his seat, much to her annoyance. Mizaistom sternly proclaims that he does not want to be a Chairman, but Pariston intercepts him, saying that Mizaistom initially claimed that he did not "necessarily" wanted to be Chairman. Cheadle and Mizaistom come into a conclusion that Pariston needs to be defeated.[16]

Due to Killua's request, Nanika heals Gon

While the results of the election are in progress, Nanika touches Gon and proceeds to heal him. The tremendous amount of aura surprises the people outside the hospital, the Zoldycks who are currently watching the live video, and Illumi, who is waiting nearby. Illumi becomes delighted and is confident that Nanika would be his. The results of the election ended with Leorio in first place, Pariston in second, Mizaistom and Cheadle in third and fourth places. Alluka's aura reaches the Hunter Association and is felt by the three candidates (except Leorio), and Ging. Another re-election is needed, thus Pariston convinces Leorio to repeat his objectives when he becomes Chairman.[16]

Leorio does repeat his previous statement about saving Gon, while Pariston looks at the doors, seemingly waiting for something. Then, Pariston suggests that the Hunters rethink about the rules of the Hunter Bylaws and abolish the current Hunter Exam regulations. From the audience, Kanzai angrily disagrees and reminds him that the commandments are absolute. However, Pariston disagrees and argues that "now" is the perfect timing for it. Cheadle interjects and declares herself to become Leorio's adviser if he ever wins, and she would improve the rules of the exam. Leorio immediately refuses the motion, as he is only interested in saving Gon's life.[17]

A healed Gon returns

Finally, the time Pariston has been waiting for arrives. Morel bursts through the door, crying profusely, and gives Leorio a thumbs-up sign. Leorio's tears show when he sees Gon striding towards down the staircase, all healed up. He rushes to his friend and gives him a tight hug. Morel makes Leorio promise not to tell Gon that it was Killua who saved him, and Leorio agrees. Everyone in the hall then applauded. Cheadle realizes that Pariston intended to save Leorio for last, knowing that Gon would appear so that Leorio would lose his motive for running as a candidate. When she asks how Pariston knew he would win, he only laughs it off, but later answers that it was when Ging announced he'd run as a candidate. Ging was confident Gon would live, and Pariston trusted Ging as an enemy.[17]

Gon astounded at the overwhelming applause, he sees in the crowd, Dwun and List waving to him over pointing at someone seated between them. Gon wonders if it is Ging; Ging, on the other hand, looks uncomfortable and realizes meeting Gon is now unavoidable.[17]

Ging, Gon, and Kite

Overwhelmed, Gon cries in front of Ging

Left with no other choice, Ging waves his hand and greets Gon for the first time. Gon immediately rushes towards him and apologizes that Kite turned into a little girl. He begins ranting about the events during the Chimera Ant crisis, which overwhelms and flusters his father. Ging explains that it was Kite's fault for misjudging the situation and that it is Gon's responsibility to apologize to Kite, not to Ging. Gon agrees and asks Ging if they could talk later, which Ging doubts. The crowd within the election hall goes wild and begins calling Ging names and insults. When the crowd did not stop, Ging takes them on in a playful fight.[18]

Ging explains about Kite's Crazy Slots ability

Pyon orders everyone to be quiet since the election is still ongoing. Before Gon could leave, Pariston asks him whether who Gon should vote between him and Leorio. After a slight tension on Cheadle's part, Gon simply answers that he would vote for Pariston because Leorio intends to become a doctor and therefore, he could not be a chairman. Leorio and Gon proceed to leave, but not before Ging explaining that he taught Kite his Crazy Slots ability. It may have been the reason why Kite is still alive, driven by his strong desire to live.[18]

Pariston threatens Cheadle

The ninth and last election for the Hunter Chairman declares Pariston Hill as the new Chairman. He announces that Cheadle would be his vice-chairman, while he himself would step down from being chairman. All Zodiacs are surprised, including Ging who admits he did not anticipate the outcome. Enraged, Cheadle confronts Pariston in the hallway. Pariston explains that he only wanted to play with previous Chairman Netero. He tells Cheadle to reform the commandments and Hunter Exam, and if the Association becomes dull under Cheadle's leadership, he would become serious about toying with her.[18]

Illumi intends to manipulate both Killua and Alluka

Meanwhile, Illumi arrives at the hospital in pursuance of both Killua and Alluka.[18] He deduces that Killua has not "wished" to Nanika, but rather issued a command to it. Once he confronts Killua again, Illumi states that he is the only one who could safely use Nanika's ability for the Zoldyck Family. He promises Alluka would also have freedom under his supervision. Killua, however, replies that he would be the one to protect Alluka, and commands Nanika to teleport Illumi back home. In Kukuroo Mountain, Silva, Kikyo, and Milluki, who were all watching, are surprised to see him instantly teleported. Illumi confidently confides that there would be no more risk of Alluka's requests, as long as Killua commands her.[19]

Killua cries as he apologizes to Nanika

Back in the hospital, Killua also asks for Tsubone and Amane to leave. Nanika requests to be patted on the head, but Killua refuses and tells Nanika that it could not come out any longer. Nanika cries and goes back to sleep, as Alluka awakes. Alluka cries as well and scolds Killua for making Nanika cry, and insists that he should apologize. Though he thinks she may still be under Illumi's control, Killua agrees and apologizes to Nanika. He tells Nanika never to grant other people's wishes any more, so that Killua would pat her on the head. After a tearful exchange, Nanika forgives Killua. In the corner of the room, Tsubone is revealed to be watching and crying, as Kikyo orders her that the restrictions upon Killua are cancelled.[19]

Koala confesses to Kite

In a mansion, Koala remembers the red-haired girl he killed. According to him, shooting people to death has always been his job and he repented the day he was reborn as a Chimera Ant—that the cycle of him killing people still continued. Yet he also admits that the ones he should have killed were the Ants hunting the red-haired girl. He thanks Meruem's twin sister, the reborn Kite, for listening to his story until the end. However, Kite orders Koala to keep on apologizing and never to lose his resolve, unless Koala wanted to be killed by her.[20]

Gon and the reborn Kite are reunited

Spinner Clow appears by the doorway and announces that a visitor has come. Gon sits in front of her and confesses that he was not strong enough so they could fight together and that he would protect Kite next time. Gon acknowledges the help he received from Killua and the others, who helped him recover after his battle with Neferpitou. Smiling, both Gon and Kite concede that they did not have enough training. Then, Kite shifts the conversation to Ging, after hearing that Gon and his father have already met. She encourages Gon to hurry back to Ging and promises that she would contact Gon and Killua if ever she needs their help. As Gon finally departs the mansion, Koala also apologizes and assures Kite that he would live his life to the fullest now.[20]

On Top of the World

Gon and Killua finally part ways

In order to meet Ging again, Gon is instructed to climb a World Tree. Together with Killua and Alluka, Gon travels to the foot of the tree and learn information about it: standing on 1,784 meters, it is the tallest tree in the world. Before parting ways, Gon thanks Killua for everything he has done, which prompts the latter to enumerate times when Gon annoyed him, but only as a tease. Killua informs his friend that Alluka was the one who healed him, and also calls forth Nanika; Killua explains that it is Nanika's wish granting ability that caused him to be imprisoned back home. Alluka assures to return Killua once both of them have had enough traveling together. Finally, with another farewell, Gon and Killua part ways.[21]

Gon and Ging view the scenery atop the tree

Gon proceeds to the information booth and gets access to climb the World Tree. On the way up, he encounters a fellow climber calling out for help. Gon requests for aid and sees the climber rescued, before going on his own way. After a few minutes, he reaches the top and is surprised to find a large nest. Ging awaits on the other side and tosses an apple for Gon to eat. As they both enjoy the view at the top, Gon asks his father what he truly wanted. After a while, Ging explains that he wanted something that was not before him, which was a royal burial site that time, and could only be achieved if he had the means to do so. Before and after he became a Hunter, Ging acquainted himself with various archaeologists. According to him, the journey before reaching his goal was more important the the goal itself. When asked about what he wants now, Ging claims that the World Tree they just climbed is only a sapling that stopped growing; the real World Trees are located somewhere else and needs magma and mountains to grow to its full height. Currently, the one Ging wants is "something" he could not see in front of him.[21] According to him, he still does not have the qualifications to explore the outside world, but he could wait for the time to come.[22]

Gon gives back Ging's license

As the day wanes, Gon returns his father's Hunter License, the one he received from Kite long before. They continue talking about their adventures with each other. In Whale Island, Mito receives a card and picture of Gon and the Small-billed Swans. Morel and Knov finally take their bets and spend the money buying wine and toasting for the former Chairman Netero. After talking with Ging, Gon returns to Kite and her group of Amateur Hunters. Knuckle, Shoot McMahon, Meleoron, Ikalgo, and Palm are back in the hospital and are enjoying the picture of the Small-billed Swans as well.[22]

Meruem and Komugi hold hands

Elsewhere, Gon's other friends receive the same images; Leorio simultaneously tries to call Kurapika, but receives no response. Kurapika is revealed to have found five pairs of his brethren's Scarlet Eyes. In Kukuroo Mountain, Canary and Amane erect a grave for the recently deceased Gotoh, while a Kiriko disguises as the former butler. Canary convinces Amane not to tell Killua. Lastly, back in the barren Republic of East Gorteau, a dead Komugi and Meruem are seen holding hands.[22]

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