Abaki (アバキ, Abaki) is one of the performers in Moritonio's traveling circus company and was his Nen student.[1]


Abaki appearence

Abaki's appearance

Abaki is a young lady around Hisoka's age at the time of the story. She has short hair and multiple ear piercings.[1]


Abaki seems to be a kind and thoughtful girl. She has taken it upon herself to become a Hunter because she believes that Moritonio is teaching her Nen because he wanted one of his students to one day pass the Hunter Exam which he, himself, wasn't able to complete. When a fellow performer haughtily tells her to make posters; she easily acquiesces, but complains to herself while she's performing chores stating that she needs time to practice as well.[1]

She seems rather naïve and plays the part of the innocent spectator for the most part.[1]


Hisoka's Past spin-offEdit

Chibi Gon and Killua
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Before Hisoka was found by their troupe on the way to Glam Gas Land she was Moritonio's only Nen student. Her ability was good enough for Moritonio to show her off to Hisoka when he was introducing Hisoka to the concept of Nen. She gets along fairly well with Hisoka. During their training Hisoka easily surpasses her in a few days and later saves her from Moritonio (who is disguised as serial killer John Doe) using his cards with his newly-learned Shu ability.[1]

Abilities & PowersEdit


Abaki uses Ten

Abaki using Ten

Abaki is an Emitter. It took her about nine months to learn Ten. She can also use Ren, Shu, and Hatsu to perform the Water Divination test, although she has not developed a Nen ability yet. When it is imbued with her aura, her skipping rope is as strong as a steel rope.[1]


  • Her name written in hiragana, あばき, means "occupation/uncover"; while in kanji form, (あば)()()()()()()()()(), it is the continuative conjugation of "暴く" (abaku)—that means "disclose (a secret)/expose (a crime)".


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