Accompany (同行(アカンパニー) (Accompaniment), rom. Akanpanī) is a spell card found in the Greed Island game. It allows for the user and everyone within a 20 meter radius to be transported to a previously visited city or a previously met player of the caster's choice.

Card Info

Type: Spell Card G.I Spell Card - Border
Name: Accompany 同行(アカンパニー) (Akanpanī)
Number: #1039
Rank: F
Transformation: 130
Class Long Range
Regular Spell
G.I Spell - LongRange
G.I Spell - Regular
Card Effect: Fly all players within a radius of 20 m around the caster—including the caster—to the location of target city (limited to cities previously visited) or target player (limited to players previously met inside the game).
How to Obtain: Can be purchased at the Spell Card Shop in Masadora.


This card allows for the caster and anyone previously met within a 20 meter radius to be transported to a location within the game that the user has previously been to, or to a player that they have already met. Substantially, it combines the effects of "Return" and "Magnetic Force" and expands them to anyone within a 20 meter radius of the caster. The plurality of targets makes it a convenient spell when moving large parties or even to relocate oneself with one's enemy; for the same reason, when cast to escape from someone, the user must make sure they are more than 20 meters away from their pursuer.

Card Description

[Jap] No.1039 :: 同行(アカンパニー)


[Eng] No.1039 :: Accompany

Transport (with players previously met) to a place (you have previously been) with everyone within a 20m radius, including the caster by flying.

Card Forms


  • The player depicted in this card's illustration recurs in "Collision" and "Magnetic Force".
    • Furthermore, the illustration of the latter card is identical to that of "Accompany", except that it depicts a single player.
  • In Chapter 158 it is revealed that this spell, when used on 15 or more people with Soufrabi as the destination, triggers the event to obtain "Plot of Beach".
  • Gon uses a Mimic and a Paladin's Necklace to sneak an Accompany card out of the game so he can transport himself and Killua to the G.I. player listed as "Nigg".
  • In Chapter 185 it is revealed that Ging had Elena program the spell so that if Gon used it on "Nigg" instead of "Magnetic Force", he and any friend of his would be sent to Kite.
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