Ai (アイ, Ai), a "Gaseous Life-Form", is a mysterious being and one of the Five Threats that humanity met in the Dark Continent.[1] It lives South-southwest of Lake Mobius, but some of its victims have also been found in the known world.[2]


Little is known of Ai's appearance, but it seems to be a gaseous life-form with limb-like appendages extending from its main form.[1]


When the Mimbo Republic, after enlisting the help of the Hunter Association, sent an expedition to the Dark Continent searching for the Trinity Elixir, they were surrounded by Ai. After a still unknown dispute or struggle ensued, only three survivors returned, but empty-handed and without even a shred of their sanity. While it was said to have been locked up after being brought back from the Dark Continent, there have been victims of Ai found within the known world.[2]

Abilities & Powers

Not much is stated about Ai's abilities, but it is capable of killing humans, as it has made victims in the known world. According to the Hunter Association's "Dangerous Creatures Evaluation List", Ai merits a threat level of A, which is even higher than that of the Chimera Ants.[2]


  • Its name seems to derive from the sound it makes.
  • Its full title reads "Codependence of Desire... A Gaseous Life-Form: Ai", codependency being a type of dysfunctional relationship where one person supports or encourages the self-destructive behavior of another individual.
  • The deaths caused by Ai in the known world may be the work of Nanika through Alluka Zoldyck, as she was revealed to have originated in the Dark Continent, and she shares many similarities with Ai:
    • Nanika's victims are either squashed[3] or wrung to death[4] if her requests are refused; some of the ascertained victims of the Five Threats were killed exactly that way. It was also stated that, although their manner of death was described in Journey to the New World, those bodies were all found in the known world rather than in the Dark Continent, and that the massacre is ongoing.[1] Ging Freecss has also revealed that victims of Ai and Pap have been found in the known world.[2]
    • Nanika has a peculiar way of saying "yes" in the original: instead of "hai" (はい), she pronunces it "ai" (あい). When written in katakana (アイ), this is the name of one of the Five Threats, Ai, as well as its distinctive call (in hiragana again).[1]
    • Nanika has the same deep black eyes as Ai. Furthermore, in the extras, Alluka's skin while possessed is colored black with the same technique used to draw Ai.[1]
    • Nanika's possession of Alluka, her wish to please others and her devotion to Killua could be related to Ai's description as "Codependence of Desire".[1]


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