Aiai (アイアイ, Aiai), known as "The City of Love", is a city on Greed Island.[1]


The atmosphere on the streets of this city feels like it is based upon romantic simulation games. A pink heart-shaped object floating in the sky is its symbol. In this city, there are all kinds of clichéd situations and events that can lead to love.[1]


Greed Island arc

Gon, Killua, Goreinu, and Biscuit meet Hisoka after using "Accompany" to go to the player with the handle Chrollo Lucilfer. Hisoka explains that he is in the game to find Chrollo and tell him about exorcism. He adds that some members of the Phantom Troupe may be in the game as well so he is waiting for them to contact him. Biscuit then invites him to join their group.[2] While walking towards Aiai, Biscuit says that she feels Hisoka is hiding the truth, so being with him will enable them to keep an eye on him. Goreinu informs Hisoka about their situation. Meanwhile, Killua observes Hisoka closely.[1]

They arrive in Aiai, where they can meet all kinds of people, as explained by Hisoka. A girl trips near them, causing her glasses to fall off. Hisoka then says that the city is full of clichéd scenarios, including bumping into a girl when going around a corner, being approached by a guy looking for a salon model, and having to defend a girl from harassers.[1]

Biscuit says that the city is too distracting. Killua agrees and suggests they go somewhere else. Hisoka then says that it is a great place for killing time when bored. Killua then figures out what Hisoka is trying to hide: Hisoka met the Spiders already and they are looking for the exorcist in Greed Island for Chrollo. Later on, Gon asks to see Hisoka's binder to search for Tsezguerra. Gon and Killua check the binder and find his name. Killua notices that the names of the Spiders are not listed. While Gon and Killua contact Tsezguerra, Hisoka is revealed to have used Texture Surprise to hide the Spiders' names.[1] Then they use an "Accompany" card to leave the city and go to Tsezguerra's location.[3]


  • The name of the city, Aiai (which is equal to the original Japanese name), literally translates to "Lovelove", a name that suits such a city known for its love encounters.
  • Aiai's design is based on the Mont-Saint-Michel in France.

Anime and Manga Differences

  • Aiai does not appear in the 1999 anime adaptation.

Translations around the World

Language Name
China Flag Chinese 恋爱都市爱爱/戀愛都市愛愛* (Liàn'ài Dūshì Ài ài)
France Flag French Love Love
Russia Flag Russian Ай-Ай (Ay-Ay)


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