Amoeba (アメイバ, Ameiba) is one of the Heavens Arena's Floor Masters. He only appears in Hunter × Hunter: The Last Mission.[1]



Amoeba's Battle Olympia magazine page

Amoeba is rather tall, skinny, with a womanly body and long limbs. He has a skeletal face, topped by a shock of unkempt, greenish hair. He has a small chin and thick purple lips. The most striking feature of his face are his eyes: the sclera, iris and pupil of his right eye are completely yellow. The other is covered by a visor.[1]

In the Heavens Arena, he wears golden bracelets and a matching golden collar, a white and azure striped shirt that leaves his belly bare, a white belt with a round golden buckle, dark blue jeans, possibly with bell bottoms, and brown shoes. The right sleeve of his shirt is longer and baggier to hide a small cannon. On his chest, the stripes form the motif of a vortex.[1]


The Last MissionEdit

Chibi Gon and Killua
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Abilities & PowersEdit


Amoeba's unknown liquid

Not much is known about Amoeba's abilities, but the fact that he was a Floor Master is proof enough of his power and proficiency in Nen. Still, he was defeated single-handedly by Jed's followers. When fighting Gon and Killua, he is shown to fire an unknown liquid from his right sleeve at high pressure. Whether this is a form of Nen or a hidden weapon, is yet unknown. In the magazine held by Killua, he is seen dodging an attack by leaping backward over his opponent, demonstrating a good deal of agility.[1]

Magazine FinishersEdit

  • Amoeba Attack (Ameeba Kougeki): Amoeba shoots a liquid from his palm. Whether it damages the opponent with its pressure or it has other effects, is unknown.[1]
  • Mikawashi (possibly "Double Exchange"): When attacked, Amoeba dodges by somersaulting over his opponent, landing behind them. "Kawashi" is sometimes used in martial arts to indicate a reaction to a blow in which one does not block or move away, but rather goes toward the attacker and trades places with them.[1]


Translations around the WorldEdit

Language Name
The Arab world Flag Arabic أميبا


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