The Amori Brothers (アモリ3()(きょう)(だい)()()()()()()(), Amori San Kyōdai) are a trio of siblings that are recurring veterans of the Hunter Exams, whose specialty focuses on teamwork above all else. During 287th Hunter Exam, Amori was #197, Imori was #198, and Umori was #199.[1]


According to Tonpa, the brothers have attempted the Hunter Exams multiple times before the 287th session, improving their teamwork each time.[1]


Hunter Exam arc

Tonpa amori

Tonpa pays the brothers for taking care of Nicholas

In an introduction given by Tonpa, the Amori Brothers are a trio that specializes in teamwork and are constantly improving on it.[1] Amid the first part of the First Phase of the Hunter Exam, the trio chastise and disparage examinee #187 Nicholas, and are paid by Tonpa for their "good work".[2] During the second part of the First Phase of the exam in the Milsy Wetlands, brothers Amori and Imori notice that a hundred examinees behind them simply vanished and it was due to the local flora and fauna.[3] The brothers, though exhausted and profusely sweating, manage to make it to the Second Phase of the Hunter Exam.[4]

The trio passes the first part of the Second Phase of the exam, however, like nearly all of the other examinees, are confused about what exactly sushi is.[5] At the bottom of the Trick Tower where the Third Phase of the Hunter Exam was held, they witness an examinee immediately die the moment he reached the end. Umori insults the deceased examinee, claiming he should have simply failed and tried again next year. At the end of the Third Phase, the brothers are among the twenty-five (including one deceased) to pass the exam. Outside the tower, the examinees are briefed by the Third Phase examiner Lippo about the Fourth Phase on Zevil Island.[6]

Amori taken as hostage

Amori held hostage by Killua

The examinees draw lots and the point system in the Fourth Phase is disclosed by Lippo. On the boat ride to Zevil Island, the examinees are given a brief speech by Khara and upon landing on the island Imori is the first brother to step foot on ground.[7] Imori, stalks Killua to claim his badge. However, Killua easily takes Imori's badge, then overpowers and holds Amori hostage to force Umori to surrender his badge, which is his designated target. After that, he throws the two badges he doesn't need into the forest, failing the trio.[8]

Greed Island arc

Amori Brothers Defeated

The Amori Brothers defeated by Killua in the Hunter Exam

The Amori Brothers confront Killua again while partaking in the 288th Hunter Exam, only to be easily defeated in the First Phase by him. Seeing the tremendous gap in ability between Killua and themselves, despite the boy being much younger than them, the brothers unanimously decide they will never take the Hunter Exam again.[9]


  • Hunter Exam arc:
    • Amori Brothers vs. Killua Zoldyck (Zevil Island)[8]
  • Heavens Arena arc:
    • Amori Brothers vs. Gon Freecss (Heavens Arena; 1999 anime)[10]


  • It is unclear whether the "Amori" in the group's name is the oldest brother and the team leader or if it refers to their family name.

Anime and Manga Differences

  • In the 1999 anime adaptation:
    • a recurring gag is that some characters mistakenly call them "Yamori Brothers".[11][10]
    • the trio encounter Gon and Killua again in the Heavens Arena; Gon later fights and wins against them on the 50th floor.[10]
  • Regarding their Hunter examinees' badge numbers in the 288th Hunter Exam:
    • in the manga, their tags are not shown;[9]
    • in the 1999 anime adaptation, Amori, Imori, and Umori have respectively the numbers #83, #81, and #82;[12]
    • and, in the 2011 anime adaptation, Amori is #127, Imori is #128, and Umori is #129.[13]


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