The Antokiba Trade Shop NPC is a non-player character (NPC) shopkeeper in Antokiba's Trade Shop, Greed Island.[1]


The Trade Shop NPC is a burly gorilla-esque male, with spiky hair and shaven sides, thick eyebrows, a fleshy nose, dead fish-like eyes, and has a short beard. He wears a sleeveless T-shirt with the text that translates to "Gori" and also a pin or button of the sort of an indistinguishable male person, plain shorts, and two bracelets around both of his wrists.[1]


The Trade Shop NPC divulges information in a monotone voice and only shows a smirk when talking about how his store also acts as a bank.[1]

Asta reveals that if you shop at the Trade Shop more than fifty times, you'll become their "Best Customer" and be able to purchase all B-Ranked cards from their store.[2]


His function is buying items from players (only in card form) in exchange for the island's currency which is Jenny in card form. He also sells information to players such as card functions and directions to the island's locations and also functions as a bank, where he takes players' Jenny cards for safekeeping.[1]


Greed Island arc

The Trade Shop NPC greets Gon and Killua to his shop and they sell to him four "Galgaida" cards for Jenny Symbol 2011.svg120,000. The shopkeeper also mentions that they can store their money there, but Killua instantly declines. Later the boys purchase a map from another shop and return to the Trade Shop NPC for information on the location of Masadora. The shopkeeper agrees to disclose the information for Jenny Symbol 2011.svg3,000, much to Killua's annoyance who wants a discount, though the shopkeeper remains obstinate. They pay the fee and the shopkeeper divulges how to get to Masadora, though he warns them of bandits and monsters on the way. Rather than be fearful, this excites the boys, to which the shopkeeper looks dejected.[1]

Months after completing their Nen training with Biscuit Krueger in the badlands, the boys now accompanied by Biscuit, return to the trade shop and are divulged a more elaborate description on the Paladin's Necklace after winning the card in the monthly tournament held in Antokiba.[3]


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