The Auctioneer is a female auctioneer who works at the Southernpiece Auction House.[1]


The Auctioneer wears a black dress and green brooch around her neck, while she has purple hair and orange-colored eyes in the 2011 anime adaptation and orange hair and purple colored eyes in the 1999 anime adaptation, and her hair is worn tied back into three circular buns in the back of her head.


She is an auctioneer at the Southernpiece Auction who auctioned off the Greed Island games.[1]


Greed Island arc

Addressing all of the auction attendees,[2] the Auctioneer welcomes everyone and details that every item up for auction has its special characteristics. She also flatters the audience with praise that they're special as well for being true and earnest collectors. With the introductions over, the Auctioneer formally starts the auction by presenting a Fossilized Dropping from a Deodorosaurus.[1]

Afterward, the Auctioneer finally presents the mysterious game known as Greed Island. She directed the audience's attention to the screen, where a JoyStation Console is presented. The Auctioneer confirms that this JoyStation Console does not run on normal electricity, but on a "Mysterious Energy".[1]

The Auctioneer lady showcasing a JoyStation with a copy of Greed Island inside the system

A muscular fellow wielding a sledgehammer walks on stage to demonstrate the durability of the Greed Island game in a JoyStation Console with a player already inside, by trying to smash it to bits with his hammer but fails. The Auctioneer explains that due to the "Mysterious Energy", it's protected against external attacks so as long as a player is inside the game. The Auctioneer then introduces the player inside the game called Jeitsari, who owns 7 copies of Greed Island which the combined value of the games equals a total of 5.8 billion Jenny Symbol 2011.svg.[1]

The Auctioneer further elaborates on how the auction house procured several copies of Greed Island due to Jeitsari's contract and then details what happens when a player dies within the game. With the explanations completed the Auctioneer then begins the bidding at 1 billion Jenny Symbol 2011.svg. A fervent bid war takes place between attendees #71 & #16 and during it attendee #201 unintentionally doubles the amount, but in the end #16 manages to win the copy of the game.[1]

By the end of the auction the Auctioneer auctions off 2 more copies of the game; one for 27.8 billion Jenny Symbol 2011.svg and the other for 60.2 billion Jenny Symbol 2011.svg, both copies won by the same person.[3]


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