"I make a manservant out of anyone from whom I steal a kiss!!"

— Baise to Squala in "The Flesh Collector's Mansion: Part 2"

Baise (ヴェーゼ, Veize) was one of Neon Nostrade's bodyguards.[2]


Baise's 2011 anime adaptation design

Baise's 1999 anime adaptation design

Baise's manga appearance

Baise was a beautiful woman with sharp green eyes and dark pink (brown in the 1999 anime adaptation) hair twisted into a long braid that stood upward, with several strands falling on her forehead. She also wore pink lipstick.


Baise was rather sadistic when using her ability, enjoying her power over the people she kissed and acting very much like a dominatrix. She once recorded her target's actions while he was enslaved by her power.[1]


Yorknew City arc

Baise and the other bodyguard applicants

Along with five other applicants for the Nostrade Family bodyguard position, Baise waits in a room at the Nostrade's Mansion. The butler plays a video introducing the supposed boss who details the requirements for the position. The applicants are given a data card with specific items listed on it and are instructed to retrieve one of them. When one of the applicants tries to leave but finds that the door is locked, they are all suddenly ambushed by eleven hooded assailants armed with guns and swords. The assailants wielding the guns fire at Baise, who uses the butler as a human shield, killing him in the process.[3] Tossing aside the butler's corpse, Baise is impressed by Kurapika's ability to deflect bullets with his chain and to fend off an assailant wielding a sword. Baise and the other applicants are caught by surprise when Kurapika holds another applicant hostage with a knife and demands that he immediately stop the assailants.[1]

Baise being questioned along with the other applicants

After the applicant complies, the assailants suddenly fall empty to the floor. Baise and the other applicants are perplexed by the turn of events, but Kurapika explains how he discovered the truth. The applicant confirms Kurapika's speculation and introduces himself as Shachmono Tocino. Tocino then explains the reason for having his Nen assailants attack them and congratulates the four of them for doing a good job thus far. Tocino's remark about the "four of them" has the applicants perplexed again as they realize that another infiltrator is among the group. Kurapika then uses his Dowsing Chain on Baise and the other applicants to figure out who the other infiltrator is. The chain eventually moves when he reaches Squala, and Melody confirms that Squala is lying based on his heartbeat. Basho then uses his Great Haiku ability to force a confession from Squala. Squala introduces himself, reveals that he's a Manipulator, and admits that he has been given orders.[1]

Baise controlling Squala

Baise confronts Squala and asks what his orders were. He replies that it wouldn't be a test if he confessed and claims he that won't tell them even if they torture him. Baise then uses her Instant Lover ability on Squala and forces him to fall in love with her. Confessing that she's a Manipulator as well, Baise explains that whenever she kisses someone, they instantly become her slave. She then places her foot on Squala's forehead as he in turn asks for her to step on him more. Aroused by this, Baise records him with a camcorder and threatens to stop stepping on him unless he tells them how he used his Nen. Squala immediately confesses that he's a lowly dog master and that his pack of dogs roams around the mansion. It's later revealed that Baise and the other applicants escape from the mansion.[1]

Baise and the other new bodyguards being given their first mission

Baise, Melody, Basho, and Kurapika each return to the mansion with a body part from the given list. Baise chooses to retrieve the Unicorn Tribesman Skull and delivers it to Dalzollene, who officially hires the four as bodyguards. He then explains that their first mission is to safely escort their boss to Yorknew City from Lingon Airport so they can attend the Underground Auction the following day. Walking down the hallway, Baise spots a man frozen within a portrait and asks what it is. Dalzollene informs the group that the man was a former bodyguard who didn't obey him and listened to assumptions made by the enemy, putting the boss' life in danger. He reveals that they disposed of him and hired them to replace him. At the end of the hallway, Dalzollene knocks on the door and informs the person behind it that the newcomers have arrived. The boss allows them to enter, and Dalzollene introduces the new bodyguards to Neon Nostrade.[2]

On the night of the Underground Auction, Dalzollene congratulates the bodyguards for a job well done and details their next mission to them, including what their respective jobs are and what items need to be won at the auction, assigning the auction bidding to Baise, Ivlenkov, and Tocino.[4] Later that night inside the Cemetery Building, Ivlenkov comments on how many people have come and how they are all big shots. Baise then comments that while it's unexpected, she figured that they would send their underlings to the auction. Tocino tells her that it's all a matter of pride and details that 5% of what's auctioned off goes back to the Mafia Community as a service charge. At the start of the auction, a large man and a short man approach the podium. The short man says that they will skip the formalities, and the large man suddenly activates his ability and shoots out a barrage of bullets toward all of the auction attendees.[5]

Baise killed from behind by Shizuku

Tocino tells Baise and Ivlenkov to get behind him as he activates his ability only for his eleven soldiers to be quickly ripped apart by bullets. After Tocino himself is killed, Baise and Ivlenkov try to escape during the chaos, but when Ivlenkov charges through the door to leave, his head is suddenly smashed in by Shizuku's Blinky. Baise tries to flee after witnessing Ivlenkov's brutal death, but Shizuku leaps into the air and smashes her in the back of the head, immediately killing her as well.[5] Kurapika mentions Baise when he informs Neon that she was one of three from her bodyguards who died at the auction massacre.[6]

When Kurapika checks the Hunter Website, he sees pictures and descriptions for Neon, Baise, and the other bodyguards (besides himself and Melody).[7]

Abilities & Powers

Baise has some degree of skill, as proven by the fact that she successfully retrieved an item as part of a test required to be hired as a Nostrade bodyguard. She seems to have a preference for fighting with her legs, kicking one of Tocino's puppets in the head and moving an armchair at another with a stomp. She proved to be moderately fast and agile when she dodged all the attacks of the puppets[1] as well as Franklin's hail of Nen bullets.[5]


Baise is a Manipulator capable enough to have developed an ability.[1]

Baise's Nen Type: Manipulation
Type: Manipulation Instant Lover (180分の恋奴隷(インスタントラヴァー) 180-Minute Love Slave)[note 1]
Amorinstantaneo.jpg Baise has the ability to manipulate for 180 minutes whomever she kisses.[note 2] The target becomes overwhelmingly infatuated with her and will follow her every command. She used this ability on Squala to force him to explain his ability.[1]


  • Yorknew City arc:
    • Baise, Kurapika, Basho, and Melody vs. Shachmono Tocino and Squala[3][1]
    • Baise, Ivlenkov, and Shachmono Tocino vs. Shizuku Murasaki and Franklin Bordeau[5]


  • In French, "baise" (baiser) means "kiss".

Anime and Manga Differences

  • In the 2011 anime adaptation, Baise's first appearance shows her employed to a young man. She is later harassed by a group of men and uses her ability on one of them to make him fight his companions. Her employer, horrified by her ability, escapes by car and causes Baise to find another employer.[8]


  • Baise's 2011 voice actor also voices Coco Loo in the 2011 anime adaptation, as well as Machi in the Greed Island OVA.

Translations around the World

Language Name
The Arab world Flag.png Arabic بيزي (Baysi)
France Flag.png French Vezze


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  1. The Viz translation omits the main name of Baise's Nen ability, "Instant Lover".[1]
  2. Given Baise's speech in the Viz translation, "I make a manservant out of anyone from whom I steal a kiss!!", it is possible that her ability has two conditions to activate:
    • The target must be a man.
    • The kiss has to be nonconsensual.[1]


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