Baital (バイタル, Baitaru) was a Chimera Ant Squadron Leader killed by the Extermination Team.[1]


Epis 88 (2011) - Baital full body appearance -10.33-

Baital's anime appearance

Baital was a purple-skinned humanoid wearing a dark green sweater, a blue pant. He had a tail with a plume of hair at the tip.


Not much is known about Baital's personality. He was said to have gotten especially cocky since learning Nen.[2] He was overwhelmingly anxious about the mysterious smoke that covered the forest by the Chimera Ant Nest, but demonstrated strong leadership at that critical time.[1]


Chimera Ant arc

Epis 88 (2011) - Baital in the forest -08.53-

Baital in the forest

Bewildered by the smoke-like veil covering the forest, Baital tries contact Goran's unit, but to no avail and suspects, he's been taken out. The overlapping messages from the Peons make him think a contact network should have been established. So, Baital orders his squadron to rendezvous with Goran's and has Zem's and Pokoro's squadron units follow his in crane formation. As the squadron units move out Baital notices that more and more of Goran's Peons are vanishing and becomes increasingly anxious and perturbed.[1]

Baital and Gaftz are briefly mentioned by Peggy when he reports to Colt that the two have yet to report back.[1]

Abilities & Powers

Being a Squadron Leader, Baital is physically stronger than any average human or, presumably, Chimera Ant soldier. According to his hierarchical position, he has authority over 4-5 Officers and several dozen Peon soldiers;[2] and, for a moment, he proved to be able to command multiple squads (unusual for his peers) with confused Ants in order to assemble a crane formation via telepathic signals.[1] His body is considerably durable, since a punch from a Nen-using Rammot[3] did not leave him with any permanent or visible injury.


After being violently "initiated",[3] Baital learned Nen[2] or at least became able to perceive aura (like Morel's transmuted smog).[1]


  • The character's original name is the same as the English word "vital" transliterated into the Japanese language, バイタル (baitaru).

Anime and Manga Differences

Epis 88 (2011) - Baital captured -10.39-

Baital is captured

  • In the 2011 anime adaptation, Baital along with an unnamed soldier Ant are caught and sent through Knov's Hide and Seek to one of his conjured rooms where Netero awaits them.[4]


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