Balda (バルダー, Barudā) was a member of Pokkle's NGL expedition team.[1]


Balda was a tall and lean built man, with spiky black hair and thick, grey eyebrows. He had a large defined nose, a prominent upper lip, as well as deep wrinkles around his mouth. He's seen wearing a white shirt with light blue long sleeves underneath and tan pants.[2]


Balda was seen remaining level-headed and calm in most situations, but became unnerved and chose to flee when encountered by Pike.[2]


Chimera Ant arc

Pokkle's Team

Ponzu informs the group that her message wasn't received by the group they were in contact with

As part of an expedition group in NGL, with Pokkle, Ponzu, and Pekuba, they bear witness to a group of Chimera Ants, most notably a Gun-toting Ant wielding two pistols, hunting human prey.[1] Sometime later one of Ponzu's messenger bees returns with the S.O.S. message, still in its possession. It's deduced that the other group of Hunters they were in contact with were killed, so Pokkle decides to escape and get in contact with the Hunter Association. Pekuba and Balda, both agree and at that moment a Chimera Ant ambushes the group and decapitates an unsuspecting Pekuba.[2]

Hunter X Hunter - 80-21-2-

Balda being captured by Pike

Immediately Pokkle kills the Chimera Ant with his Red Arrow Nen ability and tells Balda and Ponzu to make a run for it, but Pike scales a cliff and ambushes the group. Pokkle fights with Pike who uses his sticky web to try and capture Pokkle, but catches Balda instead and bites off a chunk of Balda's skull, killing him instantly.[2]

Translations around the World

Language Name
The Arab world Flag Arabic بالدا
China Flag Chinese 巴韃
France Flag French Baruda


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