Balsa Islands (バルサ()(しょ)(とう)()()()()()()(), Barusa Shotō) are a group of islands located to the south of the Yorbian Continent. They include the Mitene Union—an island country made up of 5 smaller countries—where the Chimera Ant crisis takes place.[1]


Chimera Ant arc

In the Mitene Union, a Chimera Ant Queen washes up on the shore of NGL[2] and begins to devour the inhabitants there,[3] rapidly infesting the country with her offspring.[1] Later, Meruem and his Royal Guards head to the Royal Palace of East Gorteau[4] and initiate a Selection process there, nearly killing all the citizens of the nation in an attempt to weaponize the population.[5] After the Chimera Ants are culled, NGL turns into a nature reserve that was left in charge to the Hunter Association, and the remaining citizens were divided among the other countries of the Mitene Union.[6]

Translations around the World

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France Flag French Barusa


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