Banana Kavaro (バナナ゠カヴァーオ, Banana Kavāo) is an Amateur Hunter and member of the former Kakin Empire Wildlife Exploration Team.[1]


Banana has short, fair hair with shaven sides, a visibly small nose, big beady eyes, and an almond-shaped head. She wears baggy, overall-styled clothing, similar baggy style clothing underneath, and a fanny pack around her waist.[1]


Banana is a cordial person,[1] who is also rather knowledgable with extensive knowledge on the Chimera Ants' hierarchy system and behavior personalities.[2]


Chimera Ant arc

Banana and her fellow Amateur Hunters return from their unmentioned task somewhere in an arboreous area within the Kakin Empire. Immediately, they're introduced by their leader Kite to Gon and Killua. Hearing Killua's surname, Banana inquires if Killua is related to the family of assassins, the Zoldyck Family, to which he confirms. Kite then discloses that both Gon and Killua are both Pro-Hunters, leaving the Amateur Hunters astonished.[1]

Gathered by a campfire the Amateur Hunters introduce themselves and during the discussion of the Camp Tiger, Banana elaborates that it's the first discovery of a kind of Magical Beast that prefers to eat cooked meat and offers to show a video of how the tigers cook their meat, to which, the boys agree to see excitedly.[1]

When Kite and the Amateur Hunters turn in their findings to their Kakin contractor Wong, he elatedly thanks them and promises them that he will give them recommendations to other ministries. Also, Wong mentions how the Southernpiece Auction has acquired a strange specimen. So Kite, the Amateur Hunters, Gon and Killua all go to the Southernpiece Auction House in Yorknew City and are shown part of a hand and arm of the strange specimen. It's noted to be that of an insect of some kind and for research purposes, they manage to get two samples of it for testing. The group then heads to a place south of Yorknew, where the strange specimen part was originally found.[3]

At the location, Banana uses her dog that was packed inside her backpack, to track the sent of the specimen but to no avail as they believe the recent rainy weather diluted its scent. Pondungo contacts Kite with the results of the specimen, believing that it belongs to a Chimera Ant Queen.[3]

In an undisclosed building the Amateur Hunters along with Gon, Killua, and Kite review the information regarding a Chimera Ant Queen's feeding habits and cross-reference it with recent missing people's cases but leads to a dead-end. So they try and trace the most plausible location of it with a computer pinpoint it to the Mitene Union's NGL. The group then heads to the NGL Border Stop, where NGL delegates meet them.[4] Due to the extensive screening process to enter the NGL, Banana is among the Amateur Hunters that have to stay behind.[5]

Sometime afterward at an undisclosed location, Lin and Banana elaborate the Chimera Ants' hierarchy system and behavior personalities to Stick and Spin.[2] She is among Spinner, Podungo, and Monta transporting the original three members of the Extermination Team to the NGL.[6]

13th Hunter Chairman Election arc

Observing the Small-billed Swans

The Amateur Hunters, Kite, and Koala, waves goodbye to Gon after he visits Kite.[7] In Stick and Spin's hometown, the Amateur Hunters, Gon, Koala, and Kite, watch a flock of Small-billed Swans fly into the sky.[8]

Translations around the World

Language Name
The Arab world Flag.png Arabic بانانا كافارو
Russia Flag.png Russian Банана Кавао


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