Battera's Lover was an unnamed woman who was in a relationship with and loved Battera.[1]


She was a young woman with brown hair and eyes. She wore simple clothes and dresses when she was still alive.[1]


Little is known about the personality of Battera's Lover, but it's said that she didn't want to be viewed as materialistic and rejected all of Battera's expensive gifts he tried to give her and only accepted crude self made items by him.[1]


Despite being in love with a billionaire, she didn't want to be viewed as the materialistic type, so she returned every expensive gift that Battera bought her and only accepted the crude presents he made himself. They had decided to leave everything behind and start a new life together. Unfortunately, an accident had left her in a state of deep unconsciousness, which she could never come out of. Battera then spent a large sum of his fortune purchasing many copies of the game Greed Island and hired many Nen users to play it.[1]


Greed Island arc

Although not specifically mentioned, Battera mentions to a news reporter that his desire to accumulate so many Greed Island copies is in his own word, "Love".[2]

When Battera's Lover fell into unconsciousness, Battera spent his money hiring players (including Tsezguerra, Gon, and Killua) to complete and clear Greed Island, so that he could obtain the "Angel's Breath" card in hopes to recover her from her vegetative state, and the Witch's Rejuvenation Potion to help him regain his youth. However, she would pass away before any player could clear the game.[1]

Immediately after her death, Battera is heartbroken and cancels the 50 billion Jenny Symbol 2011.svg reward for finishing the game.[3]


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