The Beatle-07 (ビートル07, Bītoru 07) is a beetle-shaped cell phone used by Gon, Killua, and Leorio.[1]


Leorio recommending the Beatle-07

Shaped like a rhinoceros beetle, the Beatle-07 has no appendages besides a single horn-like antenna,[1] with two eyes on the top.[2] Both its wings open up to reveal a screen and keypad.[3][4] While Leorio claimed that the phone was heavier and more expensive than other models, he quickly recommended it to Gon and Killua because of its various convenient features.[1]


  • Can be used anywhere in the world[1]
  • Includes a translation tool for over 200 languages[1]
  • Allows the user to watch and record television[1]


Yorknew City arc

At a market in Yorknew City, Killua mentions that Leorio should be arriving sometime, and Gon adds that Kurapika arrived yesterday. Killua worries that Kurapika's new job won't leave him enough time, but Gon says that he would call them in that case. As Killua plans to leave his cell phone on, he sternly asks Gon why he still doesn't have one, reminding him that all Hunters should. The two head to a phone vendor, who shows off a best-selling, ultra-thin phone with G.P.S.Someone behind them suddenly says that it's not very good since it has terrible range and isn't waterproof. Gon and Killua turn around to see Leorio, who suggests that they buy the Beatle-07. He says that while it may be heavy and expensive, it works all over the world, translates 200 languages, and will allow them to watch and record television. Killua is very impressed and tells Gon that they should both buy one. They ask the shopkeeper for the price, and he replies with Jenny Symbol 2011.svg400,000 for two phones. After haggling to the point that a crowd gathers to watch and applaud, Leorio gets the price down to Jenny Symbol 2011.svg110,580 for each. Gon and Killua thank him, but Leorio says that he can do even better, mentioning that he only paid Jenny Symbol 2011.svg80,029 for his.[1]

Gon calls Kurapika after wondering where he is and why he hasn’t contacted them, but Kurapika lets his phone ring as he waits to be confronted by Uvogin.[3] Using their phones in different places around the city, Gon reports no sign of any Phantom Troupe members at point A, Leorio does the same at point B, and Killua the same at point C. After waiting for four hours, they come back together and discuss what to do next.[5]

After Gon calls him to see if they've received any tips about the Troupe, Leorio tells him that it's only been red herrings so far, with one kid calling as a prank and claiming to be a member. He adds that he changed the ad to read "specify location" so that they can reduce the number of fake tips. He asks about their search for more hidden items, and Gon says that they found four with traces of aura. In a flashback, Killua calls Gon and tells him that someone named Zepile quadrupled his bid on two items, realizing that he's using the same strategy to find rare items. Gon wonders what they should do, and Killua replies that they should put in a bid right before noon, hoping that they can win at least two items. Back in the present, Gon tells Leorio that they won three items while Zepile won the vase.[6] Gon's phone rings with a call from Leorio, who reveals that an informant is tailing two members of the Troupe.[7]

Leorio tells Gon and Killua that their two targets are a man and a woman, saying that he will meet them at the location. He then calls the informants and tells them that he's the person who posted the ad. The girl wonders why he is so late to call them, and Leorio assures them that he is wiring the money now, confirming that the Troupe members are the two sitting behind her boyfriend.[8] As the two prepare to tail Nobunaga and Machi, Killua says that he will ring once if he decides to abort the plan, telling Gon to answer on the second call and to put his phone on vibrate. As the two continue to use their phones during the mission, Killua becomes nervous and tells Gon that he is going to hang up, stressing that the next time he calls, they make a run for it. However, Nobunaga is able to spot them before Killua can call back.[9]

Kurapika’s phone suddenly rings with a call from Gon, who reveals that he and Killua were caught by the Troupe. Kurapika angrily reprimands them and stresses how dangerous the group is. Killua asks for the phone and tells Kurapika that they now realize how much stronger the Spiders are. Both Gon and Killua ask for his help, but Kurapika tells them that it isn't a game and refuses to help in their suicide. Killua asks if he wants to know where their hideout is, but Kurapika replies that he already has sources. Killua then says that they know some of their abilities, but Kurapika again refuses and repeats that they stay away from the group. Killua points out that the Troupe is now targeting him after he killed one of their own, sharply telling him that they will do whatever it takes to get his help if he doesn't think of them as friends or equals. He gives the phone to Gon, who tells Kurapika that he saw one of them cry over his friend's death and says that he would never forgive the killer. He adds that it made him both sad and angry, telling Kurapika that they want to stop the Troupe as well. As Gon again asks for his help, Kurapika reluctantly tells him that he will call them back.[10]

Gon's phone rings and Kurapika tells him that they don't need to help him stop the Troupe anymore since its members are dead. He hangs up before Gon can say anything in reply, and Killua can't believe it when Gon tells him what Kurapika said.[11] Kurapika receives a text from Gon and Killua stating that they will be waiting for him at Dayroad Park.[12] After Leorio’s phone rings with a call from Kurapika, the main four catch up with one another at an extravagant hotel.[13] With his phone in hand, Killua leaves the others and makes his way toward the Troupe’s hideout so that he can provide reconnaissance.[14]

Killua sneaks down toward the Troupe's hideout and says that the street was wide open the previous day, realizing that the buildings really appeared out of nowhere. He's confident that it involves Nen and worries about falling into a trap. He then contacts Kurapika, who is seen wearing a disguise, and tells him that it has to be the work of a Conjurer. Driving the car, Leorio says that he can't believe it's possible to conjure entire buildings. Kurapika tells Killua to be wary of traps, and Killua says that it proves the Troupe is still in the area. He adds that he can now only see 20% of the area from a distance, and Kurapika points out that he is more likely to encounter them if he wanders around. Killua worries about what he will do if he hears any of their voices, admitting that his heart is pounding. Kurapika lingers on the mention of voices and tells Killua to return to his post, adding that he will call back in five minutes.[15]

Having moved back to a rooftop as the rain continues to fall, Killua is seen eating a few snacks when he suddenly gets a call from someone asking if it's him. Killua asks in return who they are, and Melody replies that they work with Kurapika, telling him to look to his left. As Killua sees her standing on a nearby rooftop, she tells him to hang up the phone and whisper something for her to do. Killua hangs up and whispers for her to raise her right hand, which Melody immediately does.[16]

Killua calls Gon and tells him that he found Pakunoda, adding that there are six members in total and that Nobunaga is also with them. He reveals that there is someone there who wasn't at the hideout earlier, guessing that he's their leader. Gon asks about his appearance, and looking through binoculars, Killua tells him that he's wearing a black coat with a reverse cross on the back. He adds that while he has black hair, he can't see his face since he doesn't want to risk looking at them from the front. As Killua praises the group's vigilance, Kurapika asks Gon for the phone and then asks Killua about the Troupe's current location. Killua replies that they are heading west near the Motoba Building on Continental Street. Looking at a map of the city, Kurapika points out that there's a train station nearby and asks if Killua can board the same train. Killua says that he can if it's crowded enough, and Kurapika tells Leorio to head south. After some time passes, Killua says that he is in the last car while Melody is in the car with the Troupe members. As Melody continues to follow the Troupe, Killua tells Kurapika that they got off the train and are at Lipa Station, with the Troupe making their way toward the Saloma Mall exit.[17]

Killua tells Kurapika by phone that they are outside and that Melody said the Troupe is heading northwest. Kurapika reveals that he is already chasing after them, and Killua worries that it's a bad idea to follow them on foot since they will sense him, but Kurapika hangs up before Killua can say anything else. Killua then calls Leorio and wonders where Gon is. Leorio replies that he ran after Kurapika, telling Killua that he is struggling to make it to the hotel through all the traffic. Killua says that they will have to follow Kurapika too, upset that he apparently abandoned their plan.[18]

Greed Island arc

Later, Gon calls Wing to get advice on creating a Nen ability, and Wing tells him that Enhancers don't need any special attacks since they are the most balanced in terms of attack and defense. Wing says that if Gon continues to practice Ren and Ten, he will eventually become stronger. Although he doesn’t know much about his situation, he also tells Gon that he shouldn’t follow Kurapika's example. He then encourages Gon to practice his Ren and Ten every day, but Gon insists that he doesn’t have enough time. Wing says that if he were the judge, he would be disappointed by a special attack hastily thrown together. He continues to encourage Gon by saying that he was already capable when he was at Heavens Arena. He then tells Gon that he should reflect on everything he is capable of to get the answer he needs. Gon insists that Wing should give him a hint, so Wing finally says that Gon should show everything he has learned at the same time.[19]

After seeing Chrollo’s name listed in Gon’s Greed Island book, Killua decides to call Kurapika to find out what’s happening. Kurapika tells him that he would know if and when Chrollo or any of the Spiders removed his Nen. Killua asks him if he considered it when developing his ability, and Kurapika replies that he obviously assumed there are abilities capable of removing Nen. He thanks Killua for calling him and hangs up.[20]

Chimera Ant arc

After escaping from Pitou, Killua carries an unconscious Gon back to NGL’s border stop and calls Spin to tell her about the situation with Kite. She becomes furious that the two of them left him behind, but Monta takes the phone from her and tells Killua that he and the others are bringing reinforcements.[21]

While working out with Killua, Gon gets a call from Knuckle, who tells him that they found and retrieved Kite. He then states that Kite might still be under the control of the enemy, but that there most likely will be a way to undo it. Gon celebrates this and is positive that they can find a way to get Kite back to normal. Knuckle adds that they will be back in three days and tells them to be careful since other soldier Ants have spread out in all directions.[2]

As Killua watches a news report on the television about a Chimera Ant killing seven people in Pata City and then fleeing into the Miera Mountains, he opens his phone and checks a map of the Republic of Rokario, relieved to see that the city is two towns away from Doli City and that the mountains are away from them as well.[4] After Knov learns from Palm that Gon and Killua fled to the Tri-Orb Hotel, he contacts Morel, who says that the boys just called him.[22]

Dark Continent Expedition arc

Gon calls Ging about not having any aura, but Ging assures him that he had it when they were together, guessing that he probably can’t see it anymore. He tells his son that it means he returned to normal and reminds him of the choice he made to throw everything away. Lastly, he tells Gon that he would be ungrateful to want more and that he should take the opportunity to figure out what he can do now.[23]


Leorio using a smartphone

  • The insect-like shape of the Beatle-07 cell phone is likely to have originated from a pun. The expression for "Hello?" in Japanese, "Moshi moshi", and the word "mushi" ("insect"), are nearly homophones.
  • After infiltrating East Gorteau, Gon and Killua were both seen using a different cell phone model.[24][25][26][27][28][29]
  • While Gon still uses the Beatle-07,[23] Killua and Leorio both updated their phones, with each eventually owning a smartphone.[30][31][32][33][34][35]


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