The Beatle-07 (ビートル07, Bītoru 07) is a beetle-shaped cell phone and the primary cell phone of Gon Freecss and Killua Zoldyck.[1]



  • Can be used anywhere in the world with no connection problems[1]
  • A translation tool for over 200 languages[1]
  • Video camera[1]
  • TV (watch and record)[1]
  • Water-proof[1]


Leorio claims that this cell phone is expensive and quite heavier than regular ones.[1]


Chibi Gon and Killua
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Yorknew City arcEdit

Beetle Phone

Gon and Killua buy their own Beatle-07

When Gon and Killua decide to buy a phone, Leorio shows up and suggests this phone—which he had bought earlier. Initially, its price was 200,000 Jenny Symbol 2011 each, but thanks to Leorio's haggling skills, the price was reduced to 110,580 Jenny Symbol 2011 each, so Gon and Killua could buy them.[1][2]

Greed Island arcEdit


Chimera Ant arcEdit

After watching a report about Cheetu on television, Killua uses his Beatle-07 to view a map of the Republic of Rokario and to know how far the Chimera Ant is.[4]

Dark Continent Expedition arcEdit



  • The insect-like shape of Beatle-07 cell phone is likely to have originated from a pun: the expression for "Hello?" in Japanese, "Moshi moshi", and the word "mushi" ("insect") are nearly homophones.


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