• Meruemgungiplayer

    First off I want to apologise to anyone who may have read my Reddit post where I laid out my anger at the information held within the wiki and felt insulted by what I said. Needless to say, I was a massive arsehole. I most certainly did not give enough credit to the people involved within the creation of the wiki for their use of phrasing and efforts made to clarify when something is of uncertain canonicity. I let myself forget that real people spend their time, energy and care into this site for fans to reference and enjoy, and let my obnoxious annoyance get ahead of me. So I apologize for that. Though I still would like to lay out my case in a particular aspect of nen if anyone is willing to read it. Hopefully in a slightly more intellig…

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  • AngryBanana

    Just a little prototype. I think this could be very useful, but I'm not sure how could it be implemented into pages. Will make all characters manga appareances in few weeks, then 2011 anime.

    Any Character's Appareances

    Hunter Exam Arc

    Zoldyck Family Arc

    Heavens Arena Arc

    Yorknew City Arc

    Greed Island Arc

    Chimera Ants Arc

    13th Chairman Election Arc

    Dark Continent Expedition Arc

    Succession Contest Arc

    2011 Anime
    Hunter Exam Arc

    Zoldyck Family Arc

    Heavens Arena Arc

    Yorknew City Arc

    Greed Island Arc

    Chimera Ants Arc

    13th Chairman Election Arc

    1999 Anime
    Hunter Exam Arc

    Zoldyck Family Arc

    Heavens Arena Arc

    Yorknew City Arc

    Greed Island Arc

    Gon Freecss's Appareances

    Hunter Exam Arc 1 • 2 • 3 • 4 • 5 • 6 • 7 • 8 • 9 • 10 • 11 • 12 • 13 • 14 • 15 • 16 • 17 • 18 •…

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  • Merlia1999

    Biased Article

    April 13, 2019 by Merlia1999

    So, I noticed a new article called 'Cartoon carnage — A cross-cultural analysis of child violence in animation' by Nadya Siringo Ringo was put into the news feed, but I was wondering who thought it would be a good idea to put an article degrading HxH on the news feed for HxH fans?

    The article tries to compare gory anime meant for older teens/adults to shows like Avatar: The last Airbender and Young Justice, which are meant for young teens and mostly little kids. They try to make anime seem immoral and abusive toward child characters, despite that being the bias talking (since the writer admits to not being a fan of gore) and not being true at all. Firstly, it doesn't make sense to be comparing completely uncomparable works to each other, li…

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  • AngryBanana

    Improving Galleries

    April 5, 2019 by AngryBanana

    Hello!!! I've noticed that galleries on our wiki are really disordered, I mean they are but in a kind of unintuitive way. I wanted to publish here my new project of refurnished gallery page of Gon, and ask what you guys are thinking about it.

    It is still under construction.

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  • NumberOneFeitanStan

    Feitan has stolen my uwu's. That's it, that's the end of the blog.

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  • MaLilith


    January 29, 2019 by MaLilith

    I have a list of duplicates I've found so far; I will replace the images (that are smaller, jpg, appear in less pages) with the best versions that are already on the wiki. I will then add the "Candidate for deletion"  label in the image description.

    I was wondering, is there a way to directly replace a .Jpg with a .Png?

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  • AngryBanana

    Opening/Ending Cards

    January 25, 2019 by AngryBanana

    Every 2011 anime episode have "cards" shown after opening and ending. Mostly these are just screenshots from episode, but sometimes there are some manga covers or interesting scenes, so I will put all of them here, in case if everyone will be looking for them. (i will upload these which are not on wikia, and replacing with better quality pictures these which are already in, if it will be needed of course)




















































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  • MaLilith

    Greed Island Cards

    January 15, 2019 by MaLilith

    I noticed that some pages of Greed Island cards (Free slot cards) have a different layout. I would like to standardize them with the same template.

    • Bubble Horse
    • Chief of Wolf Pack
    • Galgaida
    • Gasoline
    • Giant Cyclops
    • Hyper Puffball
    • J10,000
    • Melanin Lizard
    • Radio Rat
    • Rock

    This is my first blog post, sorry but English is not my first language, otherwise I would have helped to remove every stub article.

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  • AngryBanana

    BW Passengers Prototype

    January 15, 2019 by AngryBanana

    Prototype of list of Black Whale 1 Passengers, discussed on Hunterpedia's discord. This is just example, which purpose is to show the idea and start discussion.

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  • Jaadowgg

    In this new year, let's make the wiki even better! Also, if you want to discuss the goings on with the wiki, then hop on over to our Discord server. You can talk about other things there, as well. Again, Happy New Year to everyone on this wonderful wiki.

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  • Patrick x hunter

    Hey guys. I watched both 1999 and 2011 animes and only started reading the mangas from when the anime ended so i was woundering if there are any differences between thr manga and anime since 1999 anime is more detailed and had more episodes then the 2011 one so maybe thats due to the manga.i thought maybe the manga has more too. If so please let me know.

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  • AngryBanana

    Hunter Association section in characters list is finished!

    Thanks everyone for support and help!!!

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  • AngryBanana

    work in progress

    Black Whale 1 Passengers

    Announcers Gantai • Tamazo
    Hunter Association
    Zodiacs Cheadle Yorkshire • Botobai Gigante • Cluck • Gel • Ginta • Kanzai • Kurapika • Leorio Paradinight • Mizaistom Nana • Pyon • Saccho Kobayakawa • Saiyu
    Hunters Basho • Belerainte • Bill • Biscuit Krueger • Giuliano • Hanzo • Izunavi • Keeney • Kurapika • Kurton • Melody • Ridge • Sanbica Norton • Sayird • Scairt • Tokarine
    Provisional Hunters Danjin • Gidal • Lisamsetta • Meshush • Mozbe • Myuhan • Salkov • Theta
    Prisoners Beyond Netero
    Kakin Empire
    King and Queens Nasubi Hui Guo Rou • Unma • Duazul • Tang Zhao Li • Katrono • Swinko-swinko • Seiko • Sevanti • Oito
    Princes Benjamin • Camilla • Zhang Lei • Tserriednich • Tubeppa • Tyson • Luzurus • Salé-…

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  • AngryBanana

    List of Hunters

    November 25, 2018 by AngryBanana

    Making a little list of hunter association members, its not really useful or needed, so I put it in my blog, but maybe with some chapters in the future list will be more and more filled with informations


    Additional Occupation



    B Barry


    Beans Chairman's Secretary



    Blacklist Hunter

    Biscuit Krueger Examiner, Wing, Killua & Gon's Master Stone Hunter Double Star
    Botobai Gigante Dragon Zodiac Terrorist Hunter Triple Star
    Buhara Examiner Gourmet Hunter

    Bushidora Ambitious ♰ Disciplinary Committee Member Blacklist Hunter Single Star
    C Cheadle Yorkshire 14th Chairman, Dog Zodiac Disease Hunter Triple Star
    Cluck Chicken Zodiac Botanical Hunter

    Temp Hunter

    Cutie Beauty
    Cute Hunter Single Star


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  • Martialmaniac

    Hiatus incoming

    November 23, 2018 by Martialmaniac

    Hunter x Hunter will be on hiatus again after chapter 390. This was confirmed by the spoilers, specifically the scan of the last panel. Brace yourselves, lads and ladies.

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  • Martialmaniac

    Just a quick heads-up: chapter 389 confirmed that Vict, one of the suspects of Momoze's murder who had been incarcerated, was set free. It stands to reason the same goes for the others. The reason should be the suicide letter that we know Hanzo to have forged after he killed Tuffdy (Kurapika mentions it on the phone with Vergei). I'm writing this because I deem it safe to count all of the suspects of Momoze's murder as "active" instead of "arrested".

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  • Martialmaniac

    Do you think we should create a category for those characters whose Nen type was not revealed in the manga, but in another medium (such as the cards)? And if we do, should we also include Nen types from the databook, make a separate category for them, or none at all?

    Apologies for the clumsy phrasing, my language skills are defunct. 

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  • Marceline Saga

    Artist Needed

    October 26, 2018 by Marceline Saga


    Above is the community page header image, you see, we use an image taken from colored manga page, but, there are those noisy bubbles, and here’s where I need an artist.

    Can someone please remove them and draw the erased background as if there were no bubbles at all? Like, finish the board with the map and everything?

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  • Martialmaniac

    The volume version of Chapter 372 has Rihan's lines that were missing from the weekly release. Can anyone translate them? Apologies for monopolizing the blog section.

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  • Martialmaniac

    Just for fun and games, I propose three polls below. Also, don't look at this week's spoilers. Trust me.

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  • Martialmaniac

    We already have a category for unnamed characters, but what would you guys think of one for canon characters whose name is revealed exclusively in the (2011) anime? There are at many Chimera Ants to whom it would apply:

    • Alligator
    • Mantis
    • Small Bear
    • Turtle
    • Centipede
    • Frog
    • Gorilla
    • Koala (my preciousss)
    • Mosquito
    • Rhino
    • Snake (Chimera Ant)
    • Stag Beetle
    • Pig

    If we wanted to be really accurate, we may also have to rename some Unofficially Titled Articles using the names given in the credits of the 2011 anime (Gun-toting Ant, Bombardier Beetle Chimera Ant, Chimera Ant Octopus etc.)... but that's not really urgent. At all. Still, could I just remove the "Chimera Ant" bit from the Bombardier Beetle's, the Octopus' and the Snake's names?

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  • Martialmaniac

    In both chapter 374 and Chapter 381, Rihan calls Salé-salé's GSB a Manipulator of the "induction type" (). Although we previously interpreted it as being a synonym of soliciting-type Manipulation, I have come to believe that the two are, in fact, different. In Chapter 372, Kurapika does not explain how soliciting Manipulation works, he only says that it leaves the target's free will intact, that it often comes in the form of memory revision, and that it consumes less aura than the coercive and pseudo-coercive types, although it can be used on more targets; it is never said that those three are the only possible types of Manipulation.

    In fact, I'd say that Salé-salé's GSB is closer to pseudo-coercive Manipulation than the soliciting type: th…

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  • Martialmaniac

    Read them here.

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  • Pigzillion

    Alex's Tour de Europe!

    September 5, 2018 by Pigzillion

    As a few of you already knew, I'll be travelling around europe for just over 30 days with a friend. Or rather, I am travelling around Europe with a friend, now that I've just touched down in Pisa, Italy! I'll keep a record of everything I get up to whilst I'm away on the wiki, since I'm supposed to anyway as part of the DiscoverEU programme, which for now just consists of a picture I took of the city on the way down. Tomorrow is more Pisa, then Florence the day after, and then Venice after that. Wish me luck!

    Day 1: First full day in Pisa is now complete! We woke up around 9:00am after a pretty restless night and started walking for around for four hours, which culminated in seeing a few nice pieces of architecture and making some pretty n…

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  • Martialmaniac


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  • DragonKestrel

    Ask Me Anything!

    July 17, 2018 by DragonKestrel

    Here in this blogpost I will answer any questions or comments the best I can.

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  • Patrick x hunter

    the character Razor has a nen ability called "14 devils", in the description of the ability it states "Razor can create eight anthropomorphic Nen beasts, numbered from 0 to 7, which he calls "Devils"." but the name and title references it being able to go up to 14 not 8. I can support this idea more since the in-game female who told Gon's group about razors location also told the story about them being pirates, she said razor and his 14 devils took over the city or something like that, which Tsezguerra said was a reference to his nen ability and not his underlings (foreshadowing via nen abilities name) so I think its safe to assume his nen ability goes up to 14, possibly 15 including 0. I may be wrong so I wanted some input on it and als…

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  • Patrick x hunter

    2 things

    July 4, 2018 by Patrick x hunter

    1. does anyone have any knowledge of how long this new hiatus is going o last?

    2. I saw the battle polls above, with Palm winning at 30 and leorio at 5. I am flabbergasted at such a divide because I think its avoids that after she meets him she will fall in love with and stand no chance, and from the time leorio got Gon and Killua good deals on their phone, he could pull a trick like this off easy

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  • Martialmaniac

    We totally missed it because of the unofficial translation, but in the official one, Bill confesses that he and the other two Hunters working for Oito are part of Beyond's Expedition Team. The confusion is because of what Bill tells Kurapika in Japanese:

    「―――――という訳で 本来の目的はビヨンド氏と共に暗黒大陸を探検する事だが それを理由に 途中の任務を蔑ろにはしない!」

    Long story short, there is no subject, so it could be Bill talking about the Zodiacs' objective or his own. However, in the page before that, Kurapika talks about Bill's true mission:

    ハンターならば2層の警備に回してもらえるだろう 君達の本当の任務には支障が出ないはず

    So Kurapika was already certain that Bill & co. were working for Beyond and Pariston, but he was not sure what their role was, and Bill explains it to him. I'll add them to the Expedition Team right away.

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  • OnePieceNation

    Yeah over a year ago (2 may 2017) I planned to take a two year leave of absence from this wikia, to work on the Gantz Wiki. And that went relatively well, I did quite a bid on the Gantz Wiki and Piggie came to help me out there as well. Then disaster struck. And now things are going to get personal. For my father got diagnosed with inoperable Cancer and he passed away within three weeks. Needlessly to say working on wikia or anything else I was working on for that matter, was the furthest thing from my mind for a very very long time. Especially since I had to deal with most of the fallout from this all on my own. I spent several months living in my father’s house going through all his papers and documents and sorting out all his stuff and …

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  • Martialmaniac

    Kite and Meruem

    June 8, 2018 by Martialmaniac

    I know there has already been talk about this, but I think we should not refer to Kite as Meruem's twin. From a human perspective, they were indeed both inside the Chimera Ant Queen's body at the same time, but they're twins only if we apply a human logic, so it's a figure of speech rather than a fact. Here's what I mean:

    1. Since Kite was killed after the Queen impregnated herself with Meruem, Kite was obviously not conceived at the same time as Meruem.
    2. It is unknown if Meruem was meant to be born outside of the King's body like the other ants or if he was an exception, but regardless, here we can see what looks like Kite's own sac, which should mean they were not inside the same one, and so they are not twins in the human sense (or no less th…
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  • Martialmaniac

    For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, in chapter 209 Gon uses a technique called "Round 2" (aka "It's a tie", Aiko de) to launch Rock right after Paper, without chanting or charging to prepare the second attack. In chapter 211, Knuckle explains how it works: while charging Paper, Gon actually mustered a whopping 4000 aura units instead of the usual 2000 for a Jajanken move, basically charging two moves at once.

    In the past, I focused on the chanting part, and considered it only a loophole of sorts in Gon's abilities that allows him to skip the second chant. However, after Chrollo's Double Face and Halkenburg's Guardian Spirit Beast, it would not be impossible for Round 2 to be an Enhancement Hatsu ability: Chrollo has shown that a new Ha…

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  • V For Viktor Vaughn

    Sooo.._This is going to be short.._Certain weapons outside of Conjuratation,should allowed  to be weapons made entirely out of Nen._.

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  • Martialmaniac

    I was planning on adding two images to Gon's Abilities & Powers section, one related to his potential, another to his iron will. For the former, I had considered this one, but the anime removed the visual effect. As for his will, I had thought of maybe something from when he is sitting in front of Pitou, but I am not sure. Does anyone have any suggestions about either? 

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  • Martialmaniac

    In chapter 55, Machi tells Hisoka the whole Troupe must gather in Yorknew by noon, August 30th; however, the Troupe actually comes together on the 31st (the day before September 1st), as you can read in chapter 71 and 72. Should we consider the info from chapter 55 erroneous, and write on the page of each Troupe member they actually met on the 31st? 

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  • Martialmaniac

    Pretty much all Nen users are sure to be able to use Ten. Do you guys think it is worth mentioning in their Nen section, or is it so obvious it's not necessary?

    Also, some (well, actually many) characters can use it without conscious thought, which is an achievement of sorts. During the Yorknew City arc, Leorio couldn't (else he would have had no reason to demonstrate the technique), and possibly neither did Gon and Killua; however, the latter two were able to maintain it while digging during the Greed Island arc, and they consider it their "normal" state. All the Phantom Troupe members seem to be capable of the same (no big surprise there, but it sort of came up in the manga). Is that something we should add to their pages? I did specify i…

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  • Martialmaniac

    Hiya guys! As some of you have already seen, wonderful Eusstass is on a quest to add a list of battles to each character's page. Right now it is only a list, there are no plans to actually make articles about the battles themselves - and considering we have 21 pages' worth of article stubs, I would discourage anyone from doing so. You can ask Eusstass how you can help if you want and for format specifics.

    However, as we talked, we came to an impasse on what to consider a "major battle", as the section is titled. In this blog post, I include a poll with your opinion on what we should include, and detail the guidelines I have prepared for my own proposition.

    Eusstasshas started the summaries by including everything that can be seen as a confli…

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  • RumbleXRumble


    April 8, 2018 by RumbleXRumble

    Hi everyone, Hum/Rum here proposing an idea for everyone to stew over. I was thinking should the wikia have it's own Discord channel to discuss things not only relating to Hunter x Hunter, but also things that relate to the wikia itself? Like it'd be easier and perhaps faster to send messages to someone that's not on here often and for everyone that's a regular on here to keep in touch with one another and to express thoughts and idea and with one another so that it is not in anyway impartial so nobody can feel left out in any sense.

    It's just a thought, so give your thoughts, comments, opinions, etc. down below.

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  • - Darkchylde

    Happy 36th birthday to our ball of fury, Kurapika!! Please take care of yourself (and Camp Woble), use Emperor Time sparingly, and survive this bloody boat ride! Focus on your goals because the Spiders are definitely not on the boat!! What's that? Nope, Illumi didn't join the Spiders. Don't listen to anything Mizai tells you.Just please don't die.

    A fan.

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  • Martialmaniac

    Maha and Netero

    April 4, 2018 by Martialmaniac

    A matter of debate for some time has been the exact relationship between Maha and Netero. We all took it to mean that Zeno regarded Netero surviving against Maha an achievement, but in reality, what the original text may have meant is simply that both of them are really, really old. I'd invite you to read this explanation (the source is 100% reliable) and help me come up with a way to rephrase the relevant paragraph in Maha's page.

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  • - Darkchylde

    Monroe Walk

    April 1, 2018 by - Darkchylde

    While reviewing the CA arc, I came across Cheetu's new ability called "The Blind Spot of War": The Dance of the Cheetah. Then I went further during his confrontation with Zeno and there was no mention of his new ability's name there. Assuming that the Monroe Walk and The Dance of the Cheetah are the same ability (since "The Blind Spot of War" was mentioned in both abilities), where did the Monroe Walk name come from? And I don't remember it being mentioned in the anime either.

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  • Patrick x hunter

    I just found out about Hisoka's one shot backstory and after reading it I wanted to know if they were on wikia but when scrolling the list of characters they didn't show up and fund them by using the search bar under Hisokas past. even if they are not canon Togashi did approve of it so I feel maybe their should be a non-canon section or something like that, especially if their are more because if their is anything else like this one shot of Hisoka out their relating to Hunter x Hunter please let me know and send it my way.

    here is a link the one shot of Hisoka's past

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  • Martialmaniac

    Hina's former name

    March 28, 2018 by Martialmaniac

    Hina's page says that her previous name was "Hirin". I added the katakana, but I cannot find any page in the manga where she is called that. Can someone help me? 

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  • GrayGarganta

    Name Separator

    March 25, 2018 by GrayGarganta

    Hey everybody!

    I just need a clarification regarding name separators. According to FUJITSU'S Guide to Japanese Grammar and from another grammar book, Japanese For Dummies, they state that the middle dot (・) or interpunct is more commonly used in separating foreign names in Japanese whereas the double hyphen (=) is rarely used - the former beng preferred rather than the latter.

    I would like to ask what's your opinion on this matter and thank you for taking time reading.

    Have a nice day ^_^

    P.S. You can also click this link Japanese Typographic Symbols on this one.

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  • Aji1007

    firstX mission

    March 19, 2018 by Aji1007
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  • Eusstass

    List of characters page

    March 19, 2018 by Eusstass

    I figured we should do something about the current state of the "List of Characters" page since some templates aren't showing up after they had exceeded the size limit.

    Splitting the list (with tabs that link to inner pages) into different pages is appropriate.

    How we should split them? Well there's couple of options.

    This will create some problems. For example, should we add the whole HA template in the Exam arc? With the Zodiacs, new Chairmen, Killua as a passed applicant, future examiners, etc..? Should we include the PT template in all arcs the spiders have appeared in? In that case, should we create other variants for these duplicate templates; as in limit the duplicates to the state of the troupe at that point of time (so no Illumi in Y…

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  • - Darkchylde

    New Background?

    March 16, 2018 by - Darkchylde

    I mentioned the plan to have a new background that shows the GSBs. Well, we already have it.

    What do you guys think? Does it look okay in your computer? Because in mine it looks a bit awry (probably due to the large image resolutions).

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  • Martialmaniac

    As usual, you can find the spoilers for the next chapter on Reddit. Since some new characters are introduced and they seem quite central to the chapter, can we make pages for them before their official names are revealed? I'm talking particularly about the heads of the three families.

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  • Martialmaniac

    To separate the name and surname of a character, we generally use the "=" symbol: For example, "Gon Freecss" is "ゴン=フリークス". However, between the name and surname of characters from the Kakin Royal Family the symbol used is different. Wouldn't it be better to have the same on all pages? Or is there a specific reason why they're different?

    EDIT: The second symbol is also used on all the Zoldyck pages. At this point, it may be more common than the other.

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  • Martialmaniac

    I've seen that the GSB templates now include the Nen beast's type and what sub-type of ability it has. However, some of them have many, for example Halkenburg's: it is an Enhancer with a symbiotic type ability, but it can also use soliciting Manipulation. In my opinion it would be better to remove both the Nen type and the ability subtype, or at the very least the latter, since it risks being either incomplete or too long. What do you think?

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