The Blue Planet (ブループラネット, Burū Puranetto) is a rare blue gemstone that can only be found in Greed Island.[1]


Blue Planet is a completely spherical gem which holds a brilliant blue color. It reflects light in a way that resembles the moving atmosphere of a planet, hence where the gem derives its name.[1]


Greed Island arcEdit

Obtaining Blue Planet is Biscuit's main objective in playing Greed Island,[2] which she accomplishes after helping Gon and Killua clear the game. Biscuit then endearingly nicknames it Planet-chan.[1]


Blue Planet (G.I card)

A Blue Planet in its card form

The "Blue Planet" card designated number is 81. It has a rank-limit of SS-5.


  • Although generic, this jewel's name could be an allusion to the Earth that has been referred to as the "Blue Planet" already for some time due to the abundant water on its surface and/or the atmospheric hue.


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