The Bomber (爆弾魔(ボマー), Bomā—base kanji lit. "Bomb Devil/Demon") is a trio, composed by Genthru, Bara, and Sub, whose goal is to finish the famous game Greed Island, and to accomplish that, they do not hesitate to kill or to blackmail other players to get their cards.[1]


The relationship among the members of the group made it clear to be closer than a simple alliance. Genthru, normally a cruel person, seemed to care for his teammate Bara by placing his wellbeing above his own[2] and similarly, Sub did the same for Genthru.[3]



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Greed Island arcEdit

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Nickes of Nickes' Alliance holds a conference in their secret base cave to announce to all of the alliance members that the alliance has managed to collect 90 different specified slot cards. In turn, Genthru makes his own announcement revealing that he is, in fact, the Bomber and has attached bombs on all of the alliance members. After this shocking revelation Jispa tries to subdue the Genthru but has his face blown off by his Nen ability, Little Flower. The Bomber then resumes the explanation of his abilities,[6] as well as of how to deactivate Countdown. Disclosing this information reveals the bombs attached to all of the alliance members. Bargaining for the lives of the alliance members, Genthru offers to disarm the bombs in return for all of their specified slot cards. He claims he will wait at Battera's castle and escapes the base with "Leave". He waits by the JoyStation Consoles with Sub and Bara until Puhat arrives. Genthru demands he hand over the cards, but Puhat reveals that he has come to negotiate with him alone. Genthru kills him.[7] Nickes finally arrives with the ring in which all cards are stored. The announcement of Jispa's death leaves the Bomber unaffected. Nickes insists that he removes the bomb, but the Bomber replies that he must check if all the cards are in the binder and hands the ring over to Sub. The Bombers and Nickes reenter. After verifying that all of the cards are in the binder, the three Bombers press their thumbs together and say "Release!!" detonating all of the bombs placed on the alliance members. Posthumorously Genthru claims they never had any intention of letting them live.[8] The incident nearly kills all of the members of the alliance (minus Abengane and Cuzco). As a result of the massacre, several cards previously hoarded by the alliance group are put back into the game's circulation.[9]

The Bombers continue to amass restricted slot cards and establish a monopoly of "Angel's Breath" and "Night Jade", the former through "Clone". They refuse Tsezguerra's offer to trade several times due to his progress in the game. One day, they are contacted by the Single-Star Hunter Tsezguerra who offers them three cards—"Patch of Forest", "Spirited Away Hollow", and "Miniature Dragon"—in return for "Night Jade" alone. The Bombers talk it over. Genthru determines the deal is not a trap, but that Tsezguerra is confident he can obtain the cards he is missing before them. To collect the elusive "Wild Luck Alexandrite", they capture two players and force one of them to use "Risky Dice" and "Lottery". However, their attempts fail and Genthru suggests going back to Masadora to restock. He is not concerned with the number of cards gathered by Gon's team and estimates they will get stuck at around 65, claiming the ones they have to watch out for are Tsezguerra's, Tokharone's, and Hagakushi's teams, the Bellam brothers, and the uncommonly belligerent Phinks and Feitan. At Bara's suggestion, the Bombers devise a plan to steal rare cards from Tsezguerra using a combination of Risky Dice and Tax Collector's Gauntlet. Sub and Bara both comply with rolling a risky dice despite the risks in favor of the mission, so Genthru to share the same risks, rolls one himself, to follow his belief that they share all risks equally. This perturbs Sub and Bara, but Genthru assures the risk of backfire is 5%. The Bombers are in congruence on the plan and when Tsezguerra contacts them again they accept his offer.[10]

The Bombers alter the faces of their two captives to make them look like Sub and Bara. They precede Tsezguerra and his team of Barry, Rodriot, Kess at the site of the appointment. The two captives stand next to Genthru while Sub and Bara, each wearing a Tax Collector's Gauntlet hide nearby and surreptitiously watch the trade progress. The trade goes off without a hitch, but Genthru attracts the attention of Tsezguerra's team saying the trade was unfair. He then holds up two cards stating one is worthless, the other "Angel's Breath", and tells them to pick one. Behind them, Sub and Bara roll their Risky Dice and steal a total of eight cards from Tsezguerra's team. The Bombers then return to Masadora and celebrate the success of their plan. Genthru then lists the following three cards: the Mad Scientist's Plastic Surgery, X-Ray Goggles and the Tree of Plenty that they should retrieve before going after "Plot of Beach" and stealing "Wild Luck Alexandrite" from someone else. He confidently declares they may as well begin to decide which three cards they should take to the real world. Genthru's name is mentioned in Gon's binder.[11]

Immediately after Gon's team defeat Razor and his Pirates and win the Plot of Beach card, Genthru contacts Tsezguerra while spying on him and team, he's a part of from afar and demands they hand over the card they won in exchange for their lives. Genthru orders Tsezguerra to come alone to the gate of Masadora in one hour, lest they take it as a declaration of war. He also reveals that he killed the remaining people of Kazsule's Alliance, sparking Gon's wrath, who then challenges him.[12] Genthru replies he will steal "Wild Luck Alexandrite" from him after dealing with Tsezguerra. After the conversation, Genthru rejects Bara's suggestion to steal a copy of "Plot of Beach" from the kids, since checking it with a Paladin's Necklace would cause a cloned card to be reverted too. He claims that Gon's team will cave once Tsezguerra surrenders and insists on the importance of not letting the Single-Star Hunter recover.[13]

An hour passes and Tsezguerra with his team confront the Bombers[13] and in an act of a declaration of war, they steal cards from the Bombers and use an Accompany back to Masadora. The Bombers check their binders and notice no important cards were taken. Genthru comments it will be tough to beat Tsezguerra, noticing his unusual determination. By nightfall Kess of Tsezguerra's team, throws a steel bolt dart aimed at Sub, but Bara intervenes by catching it. Genthru tells his partner to not bother trying to go after this Kess uses an Accompany back to Masadora Genthru deduces they are tracking them through a Nen ability and decides to resort to more drastic measures.[14] The Bombers begin to hang around Masadora's spell shop and beat up any player who comes out of it while searching for the person supplying Tsezguerra's team with spell cards and forcing those who have never met Tsezguerra to buy cards for them, and killing the others that have been in contact with him. Once they have gathered enough spell cards to give chase to Tsezguerra's team, the Bombers go after them.[15] The chase begins and Team Tsezguerra leads the Bomber through a spell card fueled chase throughout Greed Island. Once Team Tsezguerra's spell cards start to diminish to nearly nothing, Genthru remains with impostors while Sub and Bara stake out of the spell shop. When Tsezguerra's team leaves the game, Genthru and Bara follow them and kill Sabazushi.[16]

Unable to track down Tsezguerra and fearing the loss of their data, the Bombers wait for Tsezguerra to return at the Shiso Tree. When they do not return, Genthru decides not to worry about Battera canceling the reward and plans to steal Gon's team's cards. After checking their spells, Genthru decides to fight Gon if it comes down to force. The Bombers use and Accompany to Gon's team and pretend to have made a deal with Tsezguerra, offering to make one with them as well. Killua rebutted the lack of evidence of a deal so Genthru cuts the act and threatens to kill them if they don't hand over their cards. The Bombers chase them until they seemingly run out of spells in Masadora. Unable to find them, the Bombers first check the spell shop and then track them down via "Accompany". Confronted, Gon's team separates. The teams then each engage in one-on-one battles: Killua vs Sub, Biscuit vs Bara, and Genthru vs Gon.[17]

Immediately Gon counters Genthru's first offensive, and he deduces that Gon knows is aware of his abilities. Gon then proposes wager where the one to admit defeat, surrenders his cards to the winner. Initially, Genthru refuses but accepts when Gon vows he'd rather die than open his binder otherwise. Upon seeing Gon's Ren, he thinks he shows promise, but is still far from maturation, and activates his own Ren. He easily dodges and blocks the boy's attacks by reading the flow of his aura. Then, he begins to beat him down one-sidedly without using his ability.[18][19] However, Gon does not give up and Genthru resolves to use Little Flower to break his spirit.[20] In the blink of an eye, he grabs Gon's left wrist and detonates it. Gon defends against the attack with Gyo, and Genthru realizes that he trained himself to able to counter that move. He goes to grab Gon's arm again, but feints an explosion and instead punches him in the abdomen, causing excruciating pain to Gon and making him cough up blood. Genthru then mocks the boy's training, however, Gon continues smirking, much to Genthru's irritation. He attempts another feint, which Gon manages to see through due to Genthru not using Gyo. Genthru then showcases Little Flower from both his hands and explains its effects on the victim's body. Faced with Gon's stubbornness, he announces he will blow off his limbs one by one.[21]

Horrified by Gon's aura while he charges Janken: Rock, but he is unable to control his body. As he tries to back away, he stumbles on a root and falls, unwittingly dodging the punch. He recovers his footing and hears Gon say it has been enough. Assuming he intends to surrender, he is shocked when he declares he will fight for real and thinks to himself the kid is insane. Deciding to outwit Gon, he pretends to surrender to get Gon near him while his binder is out. He proceeds to crush the boy's throat so that he could not utter "Book" and dispel it, or "Gain". Enraged, Gon soaks Genthru with a gasoline container he had stored in a card and pulled out of the binder one minute before to nullify his Little Flower.[22]

Genthru dispels his binder and now out of options, he decides to use Countdown. He explains the ability and prepares to touch Gon to activate it. Gon counters this attack using Janken: Rock on the ground, revealing a pitfall trap. Genthru falls in it and is trapped and is surprised that Gon fell into the trap as well. Seeing it's too high to climb out of the trap, Genthru spots Gon in a lateral tunnel before throwing another card into the air, which, due to having been out of the binder for one minute, reverts into a huge boulder that comes crashing down. He leaps into the lateral tunnel and the giant rock blocks the exit. In a brief moment of respite, Genthru finds himself in danger as Gon charges his Janken: Rock. Despite Genthru surrendering, Gon strikes and knocks him out. Finished, Gon drags Genthru out of the tunnel and contacts Killua to inform him of his success.[2]

Following the battle, Genthru is tied up and brought to an open field with his defeated partners. He requests that "Angel's Breath" be used on Bara, who had been severely injured by Biscuit.[2] Despite Goreinu's protests, Gon's team spare the Bombers' lives and Gon uses "Angel's Breath" on Genthru as well. He is surprised when a stranger touches him and says "I caught the Bomber", releasing the bomb.[23]

Abilities & PowersEdit


Bombers Release

"Releasing" the bombs

The Bomber's power consists basically of Genthru's Countdown Nen ability, but when Genthru, Bara, and Sub put their thumbs together and speak the keyword "Release" (解放(りりース), Rirīsu) in unison, the time bombs planted by Genthru will explode simultaneously independently from the timer.[24]


  • Though the name of their trio is the "Bomb Devil(s)" (爆弾魔, probably: Bakudan Ma), the group is actually pronounced "Bomber" (ボマー, Bomā) as indicated by the furigana in the Japanese text.
    • A less likely translation of the kanji than the more appropriate (by context) "Bomb Devil(s)" or "Bomb Demon(s)" is "Bomb Magic".
  • Genthru is the only member of the trio who doesn't have a tattoo on his forehead.
  • Kazsule's Alliance believed the Bomber to be either a Manipulator or an Emitter;[25] in reality, he is neither, as he was revealed to be a Conjurer.
    • All three Nen types are however included in Countdown[1] and it is possible that Sub and Bara fall under the Manipulation and Emission categories in order to help create the bombs.


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