Borizoi (ボリゾイ, Borizoi) is one of the performers in Moritonio's traveling circus company.[1]


Borizoi is a burly man with a shaven head with tattoo patterns on it.[1]


Not much is known about Borizoi's personality but he was against Hisoka joining the troupe.[1]


Before becoming a member of the Moritonio Troupe, Borizoi was homeless and lived in a bathroom.[1]


Hisoka's Past spin-offEdit

The following is content from a one-shot written and illustrated by Sui Ishida and recognized by Yoshihiro Togashi, but may or may not be considered canon.

The Moritonio Troupe finds an unconscious person that's presumed to be dead. However, the person regains consciousness and when asked for his name he answers it's Hisoka.[1]

After a successful performance, Borizoi with an unnamed woman on his lap talks with Moritonio over his decision to allow Hisoka to join the troupe. His disdain over the matter is retorted by Moritonio who notes that Borizoi was once a homeless person living in a bathroom. Borizoi rebutted that was all in the past and now in two months they are going to put on a performance at the Royal Glam Hotel. That very event could put their names on the map of the entertainment world. Hisoka then enters the picture and in turn, Borizoi leaves abruptly accompanied by his woman.[1]

The troupe's next performance at the Princess Hotel on the Bar Jack stage was a hit. Though due to an incident involving Yasuda and Hisoka, Yasuda leaves the troupe. Taking precautions against Hisoka, the remaining members practice their performances in secret.[1]

On the day of the performance at the Royal Glam Hotel, the Troupe's show receives applause from the Glam Clan Head. The troupe later celebrates their achievement by throwing a party. At the party, Borizoi offers Abaki some juice and when asked where Hisoka and Moritonio are he replies they could be at the toilet. Abaki then leaves the party to go look for them and Borizoi warns her to watch out for the serial killer.[1]

Abilities & PowersEdit

It is unkown what powers or capabilities Borizoi has but it is learned that he is incapable of learning Nen.[1]


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