The Bounty Hunter was a hunter pursuing the Zoldyck Family. His actual name was undisclosed.[1]


The hunter was tall and had a large and muscular physique, with tanned skin, curly black hair, big thick eyebrows, and a handlebar mustache. He wore an eyepatch over his right eye, a fur-trimmed vest over a sleeveless-shirt, a yellow bandana tied around his right arm, black gloves, a cloth sash, plain pants, and steel toe boots.[1]


The bounty hunter had a dominating and intrepid personality, confident that he and his men could take on the Zoldyck family by themselves.[1]


24 - Canary vs Bounty Hunter

The hunter fighting Canary

The Bounty Hunter who was after the bounties on the heads of the Zoldyck Family members, led a group of other hunters (including Seaquant) and trespassed into the Zoldyck property. With Mike restrained for the day, the hunters were able to get as far as Canary's post, but they were easily defeated by the young apprentice butler. Zebro later appeared to dispatch the trespassers, feeding them to Mike.[1]


Zoldyck Family arc

The Bounty Hunter makes a short appearance in a flashback.[1]


Dual Blades: the Bounty Hunter prefers to use a pair of matching blades in combat.[1]

Hidden Kunai: the Bounty Hunter hides 2 kunai somewhere inside his mouth, and uses them by ejecting the weapons from his mouth as a surprise attack.[1]

Abilities & Powers

Given his status as a fully recognized hunter with several henchmen or followers, it is safe to assume he has decent combat skills. He also seems to be adequate in dual-wielding two blades.[1] Although not confirmed, the fact that he had among his henchmen Seaquant—a Blacklist Hunter from the Hunter Association—makes it likely that he himself is a Pro Hunter and thus has the presumed ability to use Nen.


  • Zoldyck Family arc:
    • Bounty Hunter vs. Canary* (Past)[1]


Anime and Manga Differences

  • He is a 2011 anime-only character, neither appearing in the manga nor 1999 anime adaptation.

Translations around the World

Language Name
The Arab world Flag Arabic صياد مكافئات


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