Brion (ブリオン, Burion), "The Botanical Weapon", is a mysterious being and one of the Five Threats that humanity met in the Dark Continent.[1] It is located in a labyrinth city about 400km from the edge of a forest North of Lake Mobius.[2]


Brion appears as an enormous sphere on top of a human body, where the head should be.[1]


When the United States of Saherta sent their elite forces into an expedition to the Dark Continent, they went through the north of Lake Mobius and ended up in a sea of trees. After entering that for 400km, they found the ruins of an ancient city with a mysterious labyrinth. It was there they found some herbs able to cure 10,000 different illnesses. They met Brion, the guardian of the ruins, that destroyed them effortlessly, leaving only two survivors.[2]

Abilities & Powers

Not much is known about Brion's abilities, but, according to Ging Freecss, its threat level is A.[2] The current Chairman of the Hunter Association, Cheadle Yorkshire, proclaimed that its danger rank is B+, which is even higher than that of the Chimera Ants.[3]



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