The Buor Family (ブオール一家, Buōru Ikka) is a minor Mafia family from the Kakin Empire.[1]


Succession Contest arcEdit

Three thugs associated with the Buor Family set up a blockade on the path to the cafeteria in the Black Whale, demanding that anyone who wishes to pass pay them. They also bribed the soldiers on the ship to prevent them from interfering.[1]

Chap 371 - Spiders appear

The Spiders confront the Buor Family members

After the three thugs are beaten by Phinks, Nobunaga, Feitan, and Franklin, they elaborate to the troupe members about the three great Mafia families of Kakin (Xi-Yu, Heil-Ly, & Cha-R) and how to reach the upper levels in order to reach the heads of three families. Phinks also commands them to note down the room number of anyone taller than 190 cm (6′2″).[1] Though it is later revealed that no one taller than 190 cm (6′2″) is on Tier 5.[2]


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