Camp Tiger (キャンプタイガー, Kyanpu Taigā) is a species of tiger that impales its prey with its horn and uses fire to cook its food. It was discovered by Kite during a biological survey in the Kakin Empire.[1]


A Camp Tiger looks like an ordinary tiger, only that it has long sharp and narrow horn attached to its head that it uses to cook its prey on a fire.[1]


Camp Tigers seem to be an intelligent species, opting to use their horns and cook their food over a fire, also implying that the tigers know how to start a fire.


Chimera Ant arcEdit

Banana Kavaro claims it is one of the best finds on the Amateur Hunters biological survey. Spin details it is a type of tiger that uses a camp fire started by a bolt of lightning. According to Banana, even if Camp Tigers are Magical Beasts, it is not something that a two legged creature would have first noticed, because the creature uses fire to cook raw meat.[1]


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