The Cat Diner NPCs are a group of non-player characters (NPCs) that run the Caveau de Riquewihr restaurant in Antokiba on Greed Island.[1]


The Cat Diner NPC appears as a large built anthropomorphic cat wearing a traditional chef's uniform. The toque bears a cat symbol with only a pair of eyes. The Cat Diner NPC seems to have a tail with a dark-colored end.[1]


The Cat Diner NPC accommodates Gon and Killua when they partake in the restaurant's eating challenge. They only know a few key phrases and ask "What's that?" to the words they are not familiar with. They are strict in getting payment for their food.[1]


Greed Island arc

The NPC made Gon and Killua wash dishes

They provide basic information about the monthly contests, cards, and money when Gon and Killua ask about them. Their restaurant challenges players to eat a large serving of pasta within 30 minutes. The prizes are the pasta will be free of charge and a "Galgaida" card. Gon and Killua manage to finish the pasta within 10 to 13 minutes, thus redeeming the prizes. But they are unable to pay for their sodas because they only have paper money and not in the card form. Cat Diner NPC starts calling for the police. In the end, Gon and Killua wash dishes to compensate for their unpaid drinks.[1]


  • The Cat Diner NPC is voiced by Tony Oliver in the 2011 anime adaptation.

Anime and Manga Differences

  • Gon and Killua don't order sodas in the 2011 anime adaptation thus exempting them from doing the dishes for the Cat Diner NPC.[2]


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