Dopff au Moulin, Caveau de Riquewihr is a restaurant run by the Cat Diner NPCs and is located in Antokiba on Greed Island.[1]


The restaurant offers a "Galgaida" card prize to whoever is able to eat a large plate of spaghetti within half an hour.[1]


Greed Island arc

Gon and Killua eat here and win the spaghetti eating challenge, however, due to the fact that they could not pay for their sodas with the in-game currency, they wash dishes to conpensate.[1]


  • The restaurant, based on the traditional metal sign at the entrance, is called by the French name of "Dopff au Moulin, Caveau de Riquewihr" (roughly translated as "Dopff at the Mill, Cave of Riquewihr"), almost certainly a reference to the real-life Dopff au Moulin family winery located in Riquewihr, a commune village and tourist attraction in north-eastern France.


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