Centipede (ムカデ, Mukade) was a Chimera Ant Soldier from Yunju's Squad division.[1]


82 - Centipede's appearance

Centipede's anime appearance

Centipede was a Chimera Ant that resembled a humanoid centipede with sixteen arms, yellow skin, and mannequin-like articulations. He was bald, with three black spots on his forehead, and had a goatee. His eyes were oval that contained green sclerae and cruciform black pupils.


He displays confidence with his Thousand-Hand Fist move. He's also a bit logical, cunning, and observant.[2]


Chimera Ant arcEdit

82 - Centipede vs Gon

Centipede versus Gon

Gon, Killua, and Kite meet Yunju's division inside a hidden drug factory of NGL. They start to fight and Centipede is sent after Gon.[1] During the fight, Centipede is amazed by Gon's enormous physical strength and starts to feel his Nen. Afraid that he cannot escape as his leader is watching, he decides to battle Gon. Centipede, intimidated by Gon's power, runs a simulation where he assumes that Gon will use his fist to attack him, and that he would parry it at the cost of one side of his arms in order to bite him.[2]

82 - Centipede defeated by Gon

Centipede defeated by Gon

Unfortunately for Centipede, Gon, instead of his fists, uses his Jajanken: Scissors Nen ability and bifurcated him. Fatally injured but not dead, Centipede waits on the floor for Gon to come near him so that he can at least poison him with his fangs, but is shot dead by Kite, who tells Gon that he needs to crush the Chimera Ants' head to be sure that they are dead.[2]

Abilities & PowersEdit

Centipede, like all Chimera Ants, is stronger than normal humans. In battle, he uses his numerous arms to deliver a barrage of fists against his enemies. As a last resort, Centipede can also poison them with his poisonous fangs.[2]


  • Chimera Ant arc:
    • Centipede vs. Gon Freecss[1][2]


  • The character's name is only given by Madhouse for the 2011 anime (in the credits). The manga did not give a name.
    • He is referred to as ムカデ男[3] (Mukade Otoko,[4] literally "Centipede Man").
      • In the credits for the English dub: "Centipede".[3]

Translations around the WorldEdit

Language Name
The Arab world Flag Arabic الحَريش


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