An Unexpected Task (意外な課題, Igai na Kadai) is the 10th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Cherry is seen hanging upside-down on a tree, dead. Gon and Kurapika continue through the forest to get to the second exam center. Gon sniffs at the air to find Leorio's scent and find his direction. Gon and Kurapika talk about the previous encounter with Hisoka. Gon says he felt a terrible pressure, but that he was also excited at the same time.

At the second exam center, Satotz is about to take his leave from the exam, but decides to stay to have a look because he finds this year's candidates interesting. Gon and Kurapika manage to arrive on time, and they see that Leorio has already regained consciousness. When Gon and Kurapika approach him, he says he can't remember much about what happened. Killua also meets back up with the group, saying that he thought they would never make it.

The door opens when the clock strikes twelve, revealing Buhara and Menchi inside. Menchi, announces to everyone that the next exam topic will be cooking, much to everyone's surprise. They will have to cook the dish Buhara asks, and those who are qualified will have to satisfy Menchi's taste next. All they need to hear from the examiners is "It's good" and the exam will end when they are no longer hungry.

Buhara asks for roast pork. They can cook whatever kind of pork, as long as the pigs live in the Visca Forest Preserve. There are only 148 candidates left at this stage. Gon, Leorio, and Kurapika find a herd of Great Stamp, the fiercest type of pig. The Great Stamps charge at the candidates, and everyone's attempts to subdue one fail. Finally, Gon hits one on the forehead, and the others do the same because a Great Stamp's weakness lies on its forehead. Most of the candidates succeed in cooking roast pork and Buhara begins to eat.

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