September 4th: Part 2 (9月4日(2), Kugatsu Mikka (2)) is the 103rd chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


The cover page shows Kortopi and gives details on his Nen ability. He is a Conjurer: if he touches an item with his left hand, he creates a copy of it with his right one. He can't copy a living being, only inanimate objects. There isn't a size limit to his conjurations. The copy will automatically disappear after 24 hours.

Leorio and Zepile sell the wooden box for Jenny Symbol 2011355 million. Leorio is elated with the price, but Zepile thinks the price isn't that great. Leorio jokes with Zepile and says they should just split the money. Zepile hopes to stay with Gon and Killua a little longer as he says being with them will get you things money can't buy: experiences. Just then, Leorio gets a call from Kurapika.

Leorio meets up with Gon, Killua, and Kurapika. Gon asks were Zepile is and Leorio replies that he went to cash the check and sell more items. Leorio tells Kurapika that he can feel that Kurapika is a lot stronger, but Kurapika says Leorio hasn't changed at all. After asking how Kurapika became so strong, Kurapika says he won't tell them because he knows they'll try to capture the rest of the Phantom Troupe. Gon tells Kurapika that he also wants to increase his own Nen abilities. Kurapika tells them that his Nen abilities mostly work for the Phantom Troupe and he's placed multiple vows and conditions on himself. Kurapika says Nen is strongly related to your mental psyche and determination. Kurapika set the condition that he'll die if he uses his Chain Jail on anyone outside the Phantom Troupe. He also put a Nen blade around his heart to reinforce this vow. Kurapika says the only reason he's telling them these things is that they are his friends, however, this information can't leave that room.

When asked why he told them, Kurapika said he felt that since most of the Troupe is dead, it would be fine. Killua tells him that one of the members who is still alive can read minds just by touching people. Gon says she didn't find anything from them the first time and Killua adds that it was because they didn't know Kurapika was the "Chain Dude". Leorio says they should just avoid her and they'll be fine. Killua thinks otherwise since another member called Nobunaga is surely after Kurapika for killing Uvogin. Kurapika tells them that he has a team of sorts with Hisoka who knows he's the "Chain Guy". Killua thinks that since they know where the Troupe's hideout is and that Kurapika is with them, they should make the first move. Back at the hideout, Chrollo, accompanied by Kortopi, Machi, Franklin, and Feitan, asks Nobunaga to answer his questions.

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