September 4th: Part 6 (9月4日(6), Kugatsu Yokka (6)) is the 107th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Killua, now against the idea of capturing the Phantom Troupe, tells Gon that he's done. Now that the rewards for their capture have been retracted, it's useless. Since Gon thinks it's not pointless, Killua reminds him that they are in Yorknew City because of Greed Island. Gon tells Killua he has a secret plan to get the game. When Killua asks about the plan, Gon refuses to tell him and just says to trust him. When asked how high the probability of the plan succeeding is, Gon says 70% or at least 60%. Killua agrees to let Gon handle the game but if they plan on capturing the Phantom Troupe still, they'll need Kurapika's help. Leorio is then seen with Kurapika who is trying to get information on that day's auction. Leorio suggests telling the Mafia that the Troupe is alive. Kurapika says now that they know the Troupe is from Meteor City, they'll try to avoid any confrontation with them. Kurapika wants to know whether the auction will still be held. Leorio figures out that Kurapika wants to fight the Troupe again. He asks him how much he could do without the Mafia's help and Kurapika replies that he had never had the Mafia's help. Gon and Killua arrive asking to help Kurapika, Killua hoping that he refuses. Kurapika asks if they understand that the rewards are no longer valid and that they may die. After Gon said yes, Kurapika says they need to finish their strategy.

Firstly, Killua will be keeping an eye on the Phantom Troupe's hideout and specifically Pakunoda. Leorio will handle the driving but Killua laughs, saying he's probably too scared to handle that. Kurapika assigns Gon as the distraction. Killua thinks that's a bad idea since he'll have to get close to the Troupe again. Kurapika says he trusts Gon on how he will handle the situation. He only needs the Troupe's attention averted for a single second. Gon remembers how fast Machi was at the hideout and wonders if it'll even be possible. Kurapika says Gon's the key to the plan and asks if he can handle it. Unsure, Gon says he needs time to think about it. With six hours left until the auction that may or may not take place, he doesn't have much time. Killua asks why Kurapika finally accepted their help. Kurapika says the threat to himself has increased once again and that Pakunoda must be dealt with quickly at any cost. Leorio looks at Kurapika and can tell just how determined he is. Gon then tells Kurapika to put a Nen blade around his heart as well.

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