September 4th: Part 12 (9月4日(12), Kugatsu Yokka (12)) is the 113th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


As the storm rages on outside, the clock ticks and Killua notes that there are only three minutes left. Nobunaga, Pakunoda, and Kortopi arrive at the hotel. Nobunaga, excited to see Gon and Killua again, ask if they finally plan to join them. Killua responds that they didn't know the Phantom Troupe's bounties were revoked. Nobunaga says that if the boys didn't learn their lesson from the last time they followed them, it must be fate. Nobunaga thinks they'll become good friends. Killua doubts that and seeing that there are only two minutes left, closes his eyes and Gon does the same. Nobunaga laughs and asks Chrollo what he thinks of the boys and if they remind him of Uvogin. Machi says that's because they're kids and don't understand true fear. Chrollo asks Pakunoda to check the boys once more. Killua gets nervous, thinking that they are so close. With only one minute left, Killua tries to stall, telling Pakunoda it'll be pointless to search his memory any more. Pakunoda grabs him by the neck and says she'll see about that. Gon says they'll just think about something else so she won't know what they were hiding. Pakunoda retorts that she checks the deepest parts of their mind which will activate even at the slightest hint of a memory. Now grabbing both boys by the neck, she starts to question them.

Just then, the radio reports the time of 7:00. Killua dislocates his arms to break free of his restraints. Then the hotel's lights go off, causing everything to go black. Since the boys had their eyes closed, they could easily see in the dark. Killua then relocates his arms and breaks Pakunoda's arm in multiple places. Pakunoda stunned from the sudden attack on her arm, is kicked in the face by Gon. Machi who is trying to inform the Troupe that one of them escaped, is kicked in her side and knocked some distance away. She then pulls on her Nen wires while still holding Gon, so as to not lose them both. Killua tries to free Gon and decides he's going to have to kill Machi. He charges at her with a Nen-fused slash, hitting her in the chest. Machi tightens the muscles in her chest and catches his hand. She puts him in a bear hug. Gon was about to kick Machi but is stopped by Nobunaga who used "En" to sense Gon's location. Nobunaga who was holding Gon then notices a knife flying towards him. It hits a wall. Shizuku knows it's from the man (Leorio) from earlier, saying it was obvious he was involved. When the lights turn back on, they notice that Chrollo is gone.

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