September 4th: Part 15 (9月4日(15), Kugatsu Yokka (15)) is the 116th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Still in the car, Chrollo tells Kurapika that the situation he's in is like taking a break and nothing more. Kurapika then punches Chrollo in the face, who, in return, gives him a smug smirk. Now even angrier, Kurapika begins to beat Chrollo until he's told to stop by Leorio. Leorio who understands how hard it must be for Kurapika still tries to calm him. When he tells Kurapika that they're "even" with him, Chrollo says that they've made a great mistake and that he has no value as a hostage. Kurapika tells Chrollo to keep his mouth shut or he'll regret it. Melody then confirms that Chrollo isn't lying when he said he's useless. Kurapika asks what that meant and is told that his heartbeat is calm and is that of a man who has accepted death.

As Melody explains that even though he lives side by side with it and is still happy, his heartbeat generates a tune that causes Melody to experience true fear. Melody then says she doesn't want to hear his heartbeat any more or even Kurapika's as they're too much for her. Melody adds that even though he has no value, he is still the Phantom Troupe's leader. When Kurapika asks him who he is, he replies the "Spider". Kurapika asks Chrollo if he was already the leader when they massacred the Kurta Clan and stole their Scarlet Eyes. Chrollo remains silent, so Kurapika reveals his Judgement Chain and threatens him with it. Chrollo asks if that's what he used to defeat Uvogin and what his comrade's last words were. Even though Kurapika says he can't remember, Chrollo says he's lying, since he feels the same way Uvogin did. Melody reminds Kurapika that he's trying to provoke him and to stay calm.

Kurapika realizes the situation that he's in and makes a phone call. Chrollo understands that Kurapika is unsure about what to do and he promises to take advantage of that uncertainty. Chrollo hopes that Pakunoda will bring everyone from the Phantom Troupe. Chrollo knows that Kurapika will put his friends before his revenge. Kurapika then tells Leorio to head to Lingon Airport. Back at their hideout, Hisoka, Franklin, and Bonolenov are on watch and hear a noise. Hisoka volunteers to go and see what caused it. When another noise is heard and Hisoka doesn't return, Franklin goes to check the situation and is surprised to see a child leaving the building. Bonolenov asks if they should give chase, but Franklin says it could be a trap and to wait for the rest of the Troupe to return. Hisoka then walks up behind them with a smile on his face.

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