The Inevitable Outcome (当然の結果 Tōzen no Kekka) is Chapter 11 of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.

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Buhara has eaten all the roast pork the candidates made for him. 70 people are qualified for the next round of the second phase. Satotz is seen watching from a distance, and is worrying about how Menchi will run this round.

Menchi demands sushi. But nobody seems to know what kind of dish sushi is so Menchi lets the candidates look at their cooking area. Everything is already set up, including kitchenware and the rice which is essential for making sushi. Menchi only accepts handmade sushi. Everybody is clueless, except Hanzo, who secretly overjoys and smirks because sushi is a traditional dish in his country.

Kurapika analyzes the materials they're provided with and says that he has read books about sushi before, according to which to make sushi one needs to mix up a vinegary dressing with raw fish. Leorio shouts out the ingredients, which makes everyone run to the ponds and rivers.

The candidates proceed with cooking. Leorio is the first to finish. Menchi takes a look at it and without a second thought, throws it away. She claims that Leorio fails and the shape of the sushi is important. The next candidate to submit his dish is Gon. It is also thrown away by Menchi. Many other candidates put their sushi before Menchi as well but in the end she does not accept even one.

Kurapika analyzes the hints again. He thinks because this is handmade sushi, it should be something with the shape of a steak or a potato croquette. Judging by the set-up Machi uses, which includes a pair of chopsticks and a little saucer, he concludes that the size of the sushi can't be bigger than that of an egg.

He serves up his dish, which looks just like Leorio's. Menchi throws it away, saying that he's no better than Leorio. Hanzo presents her with his dish. Menchi takes a bite but still fails him. Hanzo gets mad and shouts out the procedure of making sushi. Menchi shouts back at Hanzo for his underestimation of cooking.

Hearing their conversation, the remaining candidates seize the opportunity and serve her normal-looking sushi, but she gets stuffed soon and tells them that the Hunter Exam is over with no one passed.

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