Antokiba, Town of Prizes (都市 アントキバ, Kenshō Toshi Antokiba) is the 129th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


A news anchor reports on the last day of the auction in Yorknew City, stating that multiple terrorist attacks on the third day decreased attendance to 60% of the average year. Even though the mayor announced that the terrorists are dead and everyone is now safe, some of the general public still refrained from attending the auction.

Chap 129 - Gon and Killua reaching Antokiba

Gon and Killua reaching Antokiba

As Gon spots a town in the distance, he asks Killua if he feels any different after the attack and if he thinks it involved Nen. Killua says that he's fine and that it must have been a game ability, describing it as magic that can be cast inside the game and confident that they will be able to use it as well. The two arrive in Antokiba and wander around the town, first coming across a reward board and then finding the monthly contest list. They learn that a rock-paper-scissors tournament will be held for September, also confirming that the date in the game is the same as the real world (the 11th).

A tournament is held every month on the 15th, and the two decide to enter in order to win a prize called the Sword of Truth. While waiting for the tournament to start in four days, they plan to enter other contests and gather information at the same time, finding a restaurant where they can win a card by finishing a meal in half an hour. Killua tries to gather information from the chef, but he eventually realizes that he's just an NPC and that they'll need to ask around more. They finish their meals within the 30 minutes, and the chef returns with two "Galgaida" cards, explaining that the number on the left is the item's card number while the letter on the right is the difficulty rating (ranging from H to SS) and adding that the number after the difficulty rating is the card's conversion limit.

The two realize that the card isn't very good, but as Killua thanks him for the meal and prepares to leave, the chef says that while the meal was free, they need to pay for the three sodas they had. Killua attempts to pay with paper money, but the chef says that they only accept money in the form of cards, holding out a Jenny Symbol 201110,000 card. The two look at each other nervously as the chef begins to call the police, but they end up washing dishes to pay off the amount. They worry about filling up their 45 free slots too quickly, wondering how they even earn money in the game, and the chef replies that they can earn it by defeating monsters.

Chap 129 - Gon and Killua seeing Jeet's corpse

Gon and Killua seeing Jeet's corpse

After they finish washing dishes, the two go outside and suddenly hear screaming around the corner. They see a large crowd gathered together and find a man lying dead on the ground, with blood covering his midsection. The two recognize him as one of the players hired by Battera and had seen him earlier at the monthly contest list, learning from one of the onlookers that he suddenly exploded from the inside. As Gon is left stunned and says that it doesn't seem at all like a game, the corpse vanishes and returns to the real world, with Gon now worrying about the spell cast on Killua. A man overhears their conversation and assures them that the player wasn't killed by a spell, but by the Nen of another player.

Killua asks why players would be killing each other, and the man says that it's because of the card conversion limit system, where only a certain amount of copies of a card can exist at the same time, with the rarest cards having the fewest. He explains that the more players there are, the less likely it is for a player to find cards. After he tells them that his group is the opposite, fighting with numbers and never killing, he asks Gon and Killua if they want to join, promising that his group has a perfect strategy to clear the game.

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