A Game at Midnight, part 1 (真夜中のゲーム(1), Mayonaka no Gēmu (1)) is the 13th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Inside the airship, Netero formally introduces himself as Chairman of the Hunter Association to the candidates. Beans announces that they will arrive at the next trial ground at 8:00 a.m., and the candidates are free to do whatever they want in the meantime. Kurapika and Leorio have only one thing in mind: sleep. It has been a long day for them. However, Tonpa interrupts by telling them that they might not wake them up or the exam might take place on the airship itself, so it would be wise to stay awake.

Inside the examiners' room, Buhara, Menchi, and Satotz are talking about the candidates. Menchi claims that she noticed Hanzo because he is the only one who knows sushi. Satotz believes Killua is stronger than the others. Buhara only noticed Hisoka, who is definitely more different than the others.

Meanwhile, Gon asks Killua if he has parents and what they do for a living. Killua confidently answers that both are assassins. Gon responds by saying, "Both of them?" which humors Killua, and he begins to tell Gon more about himself. He says that back home, the main activity is assassination for every member of the family. Because of his potential, Killua's family puts a lot of pressure on him. However, he doesn't want anyone telling him what to do and deciding his life for him. Killua says he has tried to leave his home, his mother lectured him while crying, and that he beat her and his brother up to getaway. If he ever becomes a Hunter, he'll have a good reward for capturing his family. Netero overhears the conversation and approaches the two. He tells Gon and Killua that he is looking for someone to play a game with, and if they win they'll automatically be Hunters. All they need to do is take a ball away from Netero. Gon and Killua can attack him, but he won't hit back.

Killua starts off by using an assassination technique, "Rhythm Echo". Both Netero and Gon are amazed by his ability, but Killua fails on taking the ball. He tries to stop Netero's movements by kicking his leg, but Killua is the one who is left hurt. Gon switches out with Killua but hits his head on the ceiling because of his high jump. While they are playing, Kurapika and Leorio spend the night sleeping, much to Tonpa's dismay.

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  • This chapter marks the first time ever the Hunter × Hunter manga has gone on hiatus and missed a Weekly Shōnen Jump issue.


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