To Masadora! Part 2 (いざマサドラへ! (2), Iza Masadora e! (2)) is the 136th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Gon and Killua hide behind the stone pillars until the giant lizard eventually leaves. Killua wonders how they're supposed to fight it, guessing that it's much higher ranked than the Cyclops. Their strategy was to attack when they got an opening and then to run away when things got dangerous, but they were unable to find its weakness. The young girl continues to observe the two and, as she holds the card in her hand, says that the monster is only one rank higher than the Cyclops. She adds that they would have noticed the lizard protecting its weak point if they had paid closer attention, again commenting that the two are still young.

Chap 136 - Gon and Killua encountering a Bubble Horse

Gon and Killua encountering a Bubble Horse

As they make their way through the canyon, Gon is struck in the face by a ball-like creature which begins to dart all around them so quickly that it cannot be caught. The girl observes them struggling to catch it and says to herself that they should be aiming for where it's going rather than where it is. The two give up after ten minutes, but then immediately run into a horse-like creature that sends out bubbles. Some of the bubbles pop around them, making a loud sound but not doing any harm. Gon notes that the red ones don't pop, and the young girl observes that the white ones most likely pop when they hit human aura and the red ones on things without aura (or on people in Zetsu). She continues by noting that someone would need to keep track of the two kinds and then switch between Zetsu and Ten if they are unable to dodge them.

After the giant lizard returns, Gon and Killua are seen either running away from or being puzzled by a variety of monsters, with the girl becoming more and more frustrated that the two are wasting their talents. She describes them as rough gemstones that need a little polish to shine, but worries that it will be game over if they encounter a malicious player or monster. As the boys encounter a monster covered in armor and holding a sword and shield, the girl is unable to restrain herself any longer and yells out to them to use Gyo and not take their eyes off it. They use the technique and see a trail of aura exiting the armor, with the girl explaining that the armor is just a puppet unable to be hurt by their attacks. They dodge the monster's initial strike, and while Killua keeps its attention, Gon follows the trail of aura around the corner and finds the Radio Rat.

Biscuit advicing Killua and Gon

Biscuit offering to teach Gon and Killua

After it changes into its card and the suit of armor falls apart, the young girl approaches them and asks why they didn't use Gyo if they knew how. They both clearly forgot, and she holds up her finger, again yelling for them to use the technique. They see the number "1" formed with aura, and she tells them that whenever she points her finger up (or they see something suspicious), they will use Gyo. She says that it will only improve with constant practice and should be as natural as their eyes shifting focus. Finally, she offers to teach them for free, but says that she won't go easy. As Killua is too busy being angry, the girl raises her finger, and Gon answers with the correct number. She orders Killua to do 200 pushups, and as the two of them get into an argument, another player stealthily observes the three and twirls a pair of scissors in his hand, proclaiming that he will rip them apart with his Scissor Hands.

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