The Bomber (ボマー, Bomā) is the 142nd chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Chap 142 - Gon resisting Biscuit's Ko punch

Gon resisting Biscuit's Ko punch

After Gon and Killua finish digging through another stone pillar, they resume their Ken training, with Biscuit using Ko to punch Gon again. Not only is Gon able to maintain Ken for 30 minutes, but he remains standing after being sent back by her punch. She says that his hard work paid off after a month, and as Gon does 1000 pushups after being a split second slower than Killua to point out the number on her finger, she tells the two that they will begin practicing real combat. She has them both use Ken and says that this is a 50:50 split between offense and defense, with Ko being all or nothing.

Biscuit explains that if two fighters are both using Ken, they won't be able to do much to each other, asking them what they should do in that case. Gon energetically answers that they should use Ko, but Biscuit quickly reminds him of how vulnerable that would make them. Killua's answer is Gyo, and Biscuit says that he's correct, shifting 70% to her right hand and keeping 30% around her body as she explains that Gyo will allow them to change their offense/defense ratio to fit any given situation.

She tells them to do the same, then gives them different ratios for different parts of their bodies. The two are left exhausted afterward, and she tells them to practice this for 30 minutes three times a day. She also says that the two will start sparring and explains that going from the neutral position (50:50) to changing at the moment of attack (e.g., right fist 70%, body 30%) is called Ryu. She tells them to do it as fast as they can, but Gon has trouble even seeing it. She tells them to try it slowly in order to be as smooth and precise as possible, with Gon taking 13 seconds to complete his first punch using Ryu.

Chap 142 - Gon and Killua sparring while using Ryu

Gon and Killua sparring while using Ryu

The two spar slowly, with one choosing a ratio and the other having to guess what they should choose to match it. Killua puts 55% around his right foot and Gon guesses around 60%, putting that amount around his left hand and blocking the strike. Gon then puts 80% around his right fist and Killua guesses 80%, putting that amount around his left elbow and blocking the punch. Biscuit watches and says to herself that someone who saw them would think they were playing around in slow motion, but she explains that Flowing Dance is based on an advanced form of sparring and involves practicing moves at low speed to perfect their flow. She shouts out for them to not rush and to be purposeful with their strikes, believing that if they practice with Ryu every day for two months, they will be able to spar at their top speed and then move on to the final phase.

Meanwhile, in the hideout for Nickes' group, Nickes announces that they currently have 133 specified slot cards of 90 types and commends them all for their efforts. He adds that they know the locations for seven of the remaining ten cards, and that Tsezguerra and his team are their only rivals, probably having around the same amount of cards. He says that it's difficult to gather information about them and that a showdown between their groups is inevitable. However, he assures them that they have better spell cards and more of them, which gives their group the advantage. He declares that their victory is very close as the members begin to cheer.

Genthru blows up Jispa's face

Genthru easily countering Jispa's attack

The member with glasses asks to speak to the group and suddenly reveals that he is the Bomber, leaving everyone confused. Nickes tries to speak up, but the man continues and explains that the other founding members were unaware of this and that none of them are his accomplices. He then reveals that he has planted bombs on everyone present, and as they all become angry or afraid, Jispa quickly moves behind the man and tries to attack him, but he grabs Jispa's face with his left hand and causes an explosion.

Everyone looks on in horror, and the man says that Jispa has interrupted the proper order. He tells them that he can blow anything up he can grab with his hand (as large as a basketball), which is a separate ability from the one that allows him to plant bombs. While Jispa survived the explosion to his face, the man stresses that none of them will survive the planted bombs if they explode. Putting on a smile, he says that he will reveal how to disarm them.

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