Janken (邪拳=ジャンケン!?, Jaken Ikōru Janken!?) is the 145th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


In the badlands, Biscuit demonstrates the level one exercise of Enhancement training, using her aura around a rock to break another one. She says that they pass when they can smash 1,000 rocks with one rock in a single day. Gon makes it to 150, and Biscuit tells him that they only get one chance each day. As Killua reaches 189 and starts to get exhausted from having to use Shu and Ko on the rock, the next strike causes his rock to break. He gets upset that he failed, but Biscuit quickly praises them both, saying that it usually takes weeks to reach 100 rocks.

Chap 145 - Biscuit showing how rock-paper-scissors is based on martial arts

Biscuit showing how rock-paper-scissors is based on martial arts

Killua is ready to do a Transmuter exercise, but Biscuit says that they will only work on one type each day, reminding them that the basics are important as she continues the Gyo training with numbers. Gon and Killua have yet another tie and decide to play rock-paper-scissors to see who will do 500 pushups and sit-ups. Gon wins the bout, and as Killua does his pushups, Biscuit asks the two if they knew that the game is based on martial arts, explaining that paper is a palm strike, scissors a strike with the knuckles/fingers, and rock a simple punch.

She adds that the palm strike is used to damage internal organs, the knuckles/fingers to damage vital areas like the eyes and nose and the punch to damage muscles and bones. She goes on to say that martial arts were once considered an evil and destructive art, with masters continuing to train by pretending to play once the real arts were forbidden. Lastly, she adds that the word "janken" (rock-paper-scissors) comes from "jaken" (the evil art). As Killua says that the elderly know a lot of things and Biscuit gives him a solid punch in reply, Gon seems to realize something and repeats the word "jaken" in his mind.

Chap 145 - Razor confronting the Troupe members

Razor confronting the Troupe members

Meanwhile, the six Phantom Troupe members swim to shore and wonder where they are on the island. As they plan to steal an "Accompany" card, Phinks sees someone and has the others stop. Smiling, the man says that they haven't had any uninvited guests in years, which makes him nervous. He makes sure that they aren't castaways, which he says is impossible given the currents around the island. Phinks senses how strong the man is and asks him if he is their guide, but he says that he is one of the game's creators, introducing himself as Razor. He explains that he is in charge of the game's Emissive systems and makes most of the spells work.

Razor then pulls out a special spell card that can only be used by the creators, one that sends any trespassers to somewhere on the Azian Continent. He tells the group that they are welcome to come back as long as they use the correct way, hoping to meet them again and revealing that they can obtain an item if they fight him. Phinks begrudgingly says that they will use the front door next time, and Razor uses the "Eliminate" card on the Troupe members. After he praises the group's strength and spots their boat offshore, he creates a ball of aura and spikes it toward the boat, causing an enormous explosion.

Chap 145 - Gon using Rock to destroy a boulder

Gon using Rock to destroy a boulder

Back in the badlands, Gon stands in front of a large boulder and as the aura charges up right around his fist, he utters, "Show me rock! Jan! Ken! Rock!" At the last word, he throws a strong right punch and completely shatters the boulder. Killua and Biscuit are both impressed, and Gon then does the same thing, but this time ends with "Paper!" After nothing happens, Gon asks Biscuit how to emit Nen, and she quickly replies that he needs to practice. Elsewhere, the locations of the six Troupe members are shown on a map of the Azian Continent.

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