Disparate Choice (不自由な2択, Fujiyū na Nitaku) is the 17th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Chibi Gon and Killua
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Leorio confronts Tonpa after giving up his match to Bendot. Tonpa explains that he never wished to become a Hunter in the first place. All he wants are people with dreams giving up. He tells the group that from this point on, they will fail.

The prisoners watch them very amused by the situation. Every hour the group wastes will shorten their life sentences by a year. They're confident they'll win the next two matches. Kurapika tells the group about the prisoners' life sentences. Killua frightens Tonpa by telling him that Bendot would have ripped out his throat, and tortured him until their time was up.

The next prisoner is Sedokan, a serial bomber. Gon volunteers to fight next. The prisoner assures Gon that he is not a fighter, physical attacks are not his kind of thing. Gon says he prefers attacking rather than using his brain. Sedokan prepares a game that they will both enjoy. They will light a candle, and the one whose candle goes out first loses. However, Gon has to choose whether he will take the long or short candle. He asks the group, but instead opts to rely on his instinct. Without further ado, Gon chooses the longer one. Everyone figured he'd do that.

After lighting their candles at the same time, the match begins. Kurapika deduces that the candle will take 5 or 6 hours to burn. All of a sudden, the fire on Gon's candle becomes more intense. Leorio realizes that there must be gunpowder hidden within it. As a result, the candle will burn in less than 2 minutes. Gon places his candle on the floor since a little breeze won't put out such a strong fire. He rushes over to Sedokan and blows on his candle, making Gon the winner.

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