Infiltration (潜入, Sen'nyū) is the 189th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


The group preparing to enter NGL

Kite and his group are welcomed by two men at the border stop of NGL. They lead the group into a large hollow tree, where they see many people working on computers and other machines. One of the men explains to them that as they technically are not yet in NGL, the use of modern technology is still allowed. He also informs them that the technology is used for diplomacy and information exchange with the rest of the world. Kite then asks him if there are such places inside NGL, and the man quickly assures him that there is no machinery of any kind once they enter NGL itself. He also informs them that even clothes made of synthetic material are not allowed, with the group being required to change their clothes before they can go in. He also tells them that anyone who has irremovable implants will be refused entry. So in the end only Kite, Gon, Killua, Stick, and Podungo are allowed to enter NGL.

The five are further examined to check for any metallic objects that they could have hidden inside their bodies, with the woman telling them that they will first be pat down, then go through a metal detector, and finally be given an x-ray and ultrasound. She explains that some people have attempted to smuggle gun parts inside themselves, adding that they often find cameras and phones in rectums and that some have used trained animals to carry laptops across the border. When the search is finally over, they are allowed to enter NGL. They rent horses and begin searching for the Chimera Ant, starting from the coastline. Gon and Killua spot the two interpreters monitoring them, and Kite says that he doesn't expect any help from them and that his instincts are telling him that the Ant is in NGL.

Koala killing a human

Meanwhile, in a forest somewhere in NGL, a villager comes across a koala-looking Ant wearing a suit. Koala orders him not to move and warns him that he may end up dead, but holding a large tree trunk, the human says that a beast like him should not be ordering humans around. As the man swings the trunk and strikes the Ant in the face, the trunk breaks in half, and Koala is hardly affected by the attack, asking the man if his parents taught him any manners. Something seems to strike the man's head with a projectile, and a liquid begins to pour out of his nose, mouth, ears, and eyes as he falls dead to the ground.

As Koala tells the dead man to try again in his next life, a chameleon-looking Ant wearing a hoodie reveals himself from a nearby rockface and tells Koala that the body won't stay fresh if it's dead. Koala scoffs at his remark and tells him to just feed the body to the Queen today, saying that people like the human he killed rub him the wrong way and need to be put in their place. He says that they are more endearing when they try to run away, but the other Ant reminds him that he shot a crying child in the back yesterday. He tells Koala that they could have captured the human with no problems if he had left it to him, asking Koala if he was telling him not to move earlier as he reminds him that he is his Squadron Leader. He tells Koala that he will let his insubordination slide for now since he's nice, but says that he shouldn't push his luck. As the Squadron Leader leaves and tells him that he should volunteer as a feeder if he likes killing so much, Koala shrugs it off and calls him hopeless.

As worker Ants continue to build up the nest, Cheetu informs Colt that the signal from one Ant from his squad has been lost and the remains of three from Zazan's have been found, with all three shot through the head. Colt asks what they were shot with, and Cheetu says that he has no clue, but guesses that strange human weapons were used. He tells Colt that Peggy is looking over the three bodies, and the two meet up with him to discuss the situation. Peggy tells them that one was killed by a gun, which they can tell since the bullet stayed inside the body, but he isn't sure about one of the others.

Colt bends down and says that its head was smashed, but Peggy explains that it wasn't by a bullet. According to one of the peons, the human had only gestured to shoot, and the Ant's head blew up even though no projectile was fired. Colt brings up the fact that some of the soldiers sense things rather than see them, and Peggy says that those did feel a projectile. He worries about the humans' unknown powers and the threat they pose, but Colt is confident that they can learn to use them as well. Peggy, however, stresses that the humans' strength is their ability to learn, telling Colt that when they find out that the Queen is their weakness, they will inevitably make their way to the nest and kill her.

The Ants killing humans with their weapons

Peggy's statement greatly angers Colt, who says that that is precisely why they have to do everything they can to protect her. He then also states that he will do anything to protect Reina, a name that confuses Peggy and causes him to ask about it. Colt denies that he ever said it and tells Peggy that he must be hearing things, leaving him even more confused. The two Ants further discuss the situation with the humans, and Colt decides that they need to use the humans' weapons against them, adding that even though only their ranks can handle the complex machinery, the humans aren't aware of that fact. As Peggy praises his strategy, the name Reina lingers in Colt's mind. In a forest elsewhere, an Ant brandishing two handguns is seen laughing as other Ants carry away dead humans. From a nearby cliff Pokkle, Ponzu, and two others hear the gunshots and see the massacre, realizing how dangerous the creatures are.

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