The Trap of Majority Rules (多数決の罠, Tasūketsu no Wana) is 19th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Leorio volunteers for the next match. He calls for the prisoners to clean up and present their next contender. However, they refuse to continue because they believe the previous match is not over yet; Majtani is still alive and just unconscious. The match will only end if Kurapika kills him or if either one of them admits defeat. Kurapika refuses to kill Majitani because he believes that it will only be senseless brutality as Majitani is not a fighter. Killua then offers to kill Majitani for Kurapika, but Kurapika turns him down. Then Leorio and Killua lecture Kurapika about how the whole team is involved with Kurapika's decision, but to no avail. Leorio tries to come up with a decision using the power of the majority rules to finish off Majitani, but no one goes along with his idea. Killua reasons that Kurapika will not change his mind. Gon and Tonpa agree to wait until Majitani gains consciousness. Leorio finally gives into waiting.

19 Tonpa, Gon, Killua, Kurapika, Leorio wait

The group waits for Majitani to wake up

Tonpa thinks to himself that Leorio has fallen into the trap of majority rules, as voting empowers the majority against the minority, and regularly winding up in the minority leads to divisiveness and hostility. He believes that voting might work if they were long-time friends, but being forced to go along with the choices of strangers can be enervating. Tonpa then thinks through the blunders Leorio made: allowing discussion, and calling for a show of hands. If conflicts continue to arise, eventually the group's cohesion will collapse, and Tonpa concludes that in their current situation, they will all fail.

Meanwhile, Hisoka makes his way through a hallway and enters a room. A man is sitting inside the room, and he claims to be waiting for Hisoka. He tells Hisoka that he will get revenge for the scars Hisoka gave him last exam. The man then shows off his four curved knives (All-Direction Four-Blade Style) as Hisoka observes him, then he attacks.

19 - Togari vs Hisoka

The man fights with Hisoka

After a series of dodging and attacking, Hisoka easily grabs the blades, claiming that catching them is easy. The man recalls that he spent six months learning to catch the blades. Hisoka then wields the blades and spins it around like how the man did. Hisoka declares that the man's efforts didn't amount to much. He is then beheaded by Hisoka. Hisoka moves on and is the first examinee to get to the bottom of Trick Tower, consuming only six hours and 17 minutes.

Back to the group, the others are still waiting for Majtani to wake up. Gon and Killua discuss about Majitani's condition, and Killua says that it looks like Majitani will not get up.

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