Human Dog (人間犬, Ningen Inu) is the 192nd chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Having been carried back to the nest, Rammot writhes in pain on the ground and spews up blood, ordering that no one else touch Gon and Killua and declaring that he will be the one to kill and eat them. Colt stands near him and replies that he won't stop him from killing them, but he won't allow him to eat them since humans with such high life energy are very nutritious and have to be given to the Queen. Rammot objects and starts to curse the boys, describing all the ways in which he will desecrate their corpses.

Angered by Rammot's outburst, Colt orders him to stop acting insolent and questions if he is disobeying his Squadron Leader. Rammot replies that other squads do it all the time, saying that Cheetu and Hagya's squads can act however they please since their leaders enjoy the hunt. Colt asks for clarification, and Rammot reveals that those two squads hunt humans and just leave their bodies to rot, saying that Colt's squad is the only one that acts like a mindless drone. Finally, Rammot declares that he will transfer to another squad if that's what it takes to get revenge on the two boys.

Hagya telling Colt that he enjoys killing humans for fun

Sometime later, Colt meets with Hagya and Cheetu to confirm Rammot's declaration. Hagya says that it's all true, adding that they do it because it's fun and addicting. Cheetu also says that he allowed his soldiers to do what they wanted to the humans, but he assures Colt that his squad still fills the quota of food to bring to the Queen. Peggy, who is also present, is shocked at this and points out that they shouldn't waste a valuable source of the Queen's nutrition.

Hagya fires back and claims that they are making sure that the human swarm doesn't over pollute the environment. Colt then points out that there were also rare humans who possessed very high life energy, but Hagya says that he hasn't seen any personally, assuring Colt that he will save those for the Queen. Hagya asks him to relay that to Rammot to calm him down, and after Colt agrees and leaves with Peggy and Cheetu, Hagya smirks and calls him an idiot behind his back, telling his two comrades that they will find and feast on the rare humans.

Peggy asks about Rammot, and Colt says that although he's severely injured, his willpower and rage will ensure that he lives. Peggy realizes that the individualism of their soldiers is becoming an issue, and Colt agrees that having too many opinions can make one selfish. Cheetu reassures the two that his squad is making their quota, but Colt questions if he is even counting them. Peggy brings up the idea of calling a meeting to discuss the issue, but Colt says that it wouldn't work since everyone is working at different hours, proposing to talk to them one by one and come up with a plan afterward. Colt is confident that he can manage the situation and tells Cheetu to behave himself if he actually wants to be of help.

Kite, Gon, and Killua discovering the dark side of NGL

Meanwhile, Kite's group encounter several rotting corpses, which are only half-eaten as birds pick away at them. Killua also finds two guns, which contradicts the fact that modern technology is not allowed in NGL. Gon spots two mountains with several caves all over them, and asks Kite if it's a Chimera Ant nest. Kite replies that it isn't one since the Chimera Ants don't dig holes, but build up using dirt and dung. As they enter the caves and begin to explore, it turns out to be narcotics factory, which Kite realizes is a manufacturing plant producing a popular drug known as . He deduces that a field of Bira must be nearby and believes that only the leaders of NGL know about the country's dark side. Killua realizes that it was once the center of NGL's cartel, and Kite says that the Ants must have taken out all the amateurs with guns. Gon asks about the kingpin, and Kite guesses that he escaped or was eaten, saying that either one is a problem. As Gon asks why, Kite immediately hushes him and senses the presence of multiple individuals.

He looks in the direction of three tunnels, where he senses three coming from the center tunnel and more from the others. Killua realizes that Kite is using En, asking him what his radius is. Kite says that it's around 45 meters (150 feet), but can vary by 2-3 meters depending on his mental and physical condition. From the middle tunnel, a centaur-looking Chimera Ant walks out holding chains as leashes to control two naked men crawling on the ground. Upon seeing the three Hunters, one of the men starts begging for help, but the Ant immediately silences him by crushing his skull with his hoof. He says that he didn't mean to kill him, but shrugs it off and states that he was getting bored of them anyway, adding that it's time to put them down.

Gon and Killua prepared to fight Centipede and Mosquito

The other man turns around and begins to pant and bark like a dog trying to save himself. As the Ant readies his hoof to crush his skull, Gon yells out for him to stop and begins to move forward, but Kite quickly grabs his arm and tells him not to be reckless since the Ant isn't alone. Just as he says this, Mosquito and Centipede walk out from the other two tunnels. The centaur Ant crushes the human, and as Gon closes his eyes and turns away, Kite orders him not to do so, stressing that he has to always be prepared for the unexpected. The centaur Ant declares that the three Hunters will be his new dogs, ordering Mosquito and Centipede to attack them. As the two Ants advance, Kite's aura swells around him and he says that by mixing with the criminals of NGL, the Ants have become even more aggressive, stressing that they need to stop their spread here before the human casualties continue to increase. He says that he will take care of the one in the back and tells Gon and Killua to deal with the two charging ahead, ordering the two boys to kill without hesitation.

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