"How about whether he's really unconscious or just playing 'possum?"

— Leorio

Gambling Time (ギャンブルタイム, Gyanburu Taimu) is the 20th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Chibi Gon and Killua
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Everyone is wondering the same thing: is Majtani dead? Leorio decides to see for himself, but the prisoners would not allow it. Instead, another prisoner proposes a gamble. The rules are simple: they will bet on a certain topic, and they are betting time. Whoever loses will lose the amount of time he bet to the winner. They will have to think of a topic and will take turns choosing the stakes. The game's over when one of them has no time left to bet. If Leorio's group loses, the time they have to leave the tower will be reduced by 50 hours and the prisoners' sentences will also be reduced by 50 years. But if she loses, her life sentence will be increased by 50 years. If they accept the match, they will have to use the Majority Rules.

They accept the match and Leorio bets 10 hours that Majtani is alive. The two of them proceed to check Majtani. He is alive, but Leroute tells him that he's only fainted. They bet on the next topic: has Majtani really fainted or not? Leroute agrees but asks him how to verify it. Leorio takes his body on the edge of the arena and tells them he will let go. If Majtani is only faking it, he will surely wake up. Leroute does not accept this, saying that the previous match hasn't ended yet. However, Leorio says if Majtani dies, it will count as a win for the prisoners, but if not, the win is his. Afraid of losing his life, Majtani suddenly wakes up and runs back to his group. Gon's group receives another win.

Leorio and Leroute continue their betting match. She decides to bet on her gender: is she a female or a male? In order to verify this, she will let Leorio search her body until he's satisfied. Killua quickly tells the others that Leorio will bet on male, Kurapika and Tonpa think the same too. Gon does not understand why. Leorio really does bet on male, as expected by his teammates. Leroute tells him she's female and lets him check out her body. Leorio is more than happy to do so. Tonpa is confident that Leorio is going to lose. For the next bet, they decide to play rock-papers-scissors, Leroute bets 80 hours that she's going to win. Being a psychologist, she can read Leorio's actions like a book. Later on, he loses to her and also loses 50 hours worth of time.

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