"He was a murderer, but an amateur. I used to be a pro."

— Killua Zoldyck

Resolution (決着, Kecchaku) is the 21st chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Chibi Gon and Killua
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Leroute rejoices for her victory against Leorio. The others are worried about the little time they have remaining. Killua is the only one left to fight in the group. Leorio regrets not winning his previous match, thinking that Killua will surely lose.

Killua will have to fight against Johness the Dissector, who is considered the greatest murderer of Zaban City. He is said to kill people with no distinction of age or gender. He killed at least 146 people before he was arrested. The only thing all of his victims have in common is that they were all cut into at least 50 pieces. However, Killua is not impressed. Leorio tells him to forfeit the match, saying that the exam takes place every year.

In the arena, Johness tells Killua that he doesn't care about the game or amnesty. All he wants to do is to touch human flesh. He hopes that Killua will cry and shout in pain. The young boy doesn't mind and in a blink of an eye, he rips out Johness' heart using his claws. The prisoner begs Killua to give his heart back, but Killua gives him a sadistic smile and crushes Johness' heart in front of his eyes. Everyone at the scene is shocked.

Killua simply asks for their win and challenges Bendot if he wants to try him. Bendot refuses, scared by the boy. Gon tells his group mates that Killua comes from an elite assassin family. The prisoners let them pass, but they have to stay inside a small room to spend the 50 hours they lost in the gamble. Kurapika asks Killua what kind of technique he used to kill Johness. Killua simply tells him it's not a technique, the only thing he did was reach out and grab his heart. It was easier to do because he can turn his nails into longer claws. He also tells them that Johness is an amateur and he's a professional. His parents, however, are more skilled than he is. If they were the ones fighting, then the wound wouldn't have bled. Leorio feels relieved Killua is in their group while Kurapika makes a mental note that Killua may be dangerous if he's not included in their group.

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