9: Part 5 (9-(5), Kyū (5)) is the 234th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Pitou continues to sense the intruder taking out the puppets to the southeast of the palace. They're unsure if the person is an assassin or a decoy, finding them annoying and wanting to kill them. While playing his violin, Pouf assures them that it's simply a diversion they shouldn't go after. The two go back and forth about the situation, with Pouf wondering if he's overanalyzing things. He reminds Pitou that their sole duty is protecting the King, and as he says others should handle it, Leol, Flutter, and Hina appear before the Royal Guards. Leol thanks them for taking them back after they escaped the Hunters, and for helping them with their abilities. He wants to repay them, and Pitou asks him to take out the person causing problems with the puppets. They give him a cell phone and say they will update him on the intruder's location. The group leaves, and Youpi wonders if they can trust the three. Pitou quickly answers they can't, but knows they will be extremely willing to follow orders since they seek to gain their trust. But Pitou knows the group is waiting for their chance to turn on them, and telling Youpi they will deal with them when that time comes.

Chap 234 - Killua saving another village

Killua saving another village

Elsewhere, Killua is seen saving another village, then using his phone's GPS to find the next one he should help. He begins to head off into the forest, but suddenly feels an ominous aura from that direction, getting bad vibes from it and running another way. Knuckle and Shoot continue to sit up in a tree, and the former says that Cheetu is quickly heading their way. He thinks that the Hunter assigned to detain him must have failed, and Shoot asks if he's coming toward them, with Knuckle saying he will pass to the south of them.

Knuckle stands up in anger, resolved to catch the Chimera Ant. He says that the Hunter Association has captured 319 outside the NGL so far, but reminds Shoot that Colt said no Squadron Leaders were among the captured. Eight of them are still roaming free, with Hunters having confronted four of these, but unable to capture them. Knuckle knows that Cheetu is coming their way to meet up with the King and to get stronger by working under him, and he worries that he won't be able to defeat Cheetu if he attains a more powerful ability. Knuckle continues to harangue Shoot about the risks, but Shoot calmly manifests the cell phone out of his hand and tells Knuckle to call Morel since he may need to get replacements for them.

In a hotel room with Knov, Morel is upset that the Association didn't use Likke for the job like they recommended. Knov wonders what's wrong, and Morel confirms that Cheetu got away since the Association most likely chose a Temp Hunter for the job. Detailed information is given about Temp Hunters: the Association accepts jobs from governments and private groups and offers these to Hunters who are guaranteed a set fee, whether they succeed or fail. Some Hunters deride those who make a career out of taking such jobs, referring to them with the aforementioned title. If the Association is inundated with applications for a job, a review board is in charge of matching someone based on their skill and fit.

Morel is angry at himself, saying he should have asked Likke personally. But Knov reminds him that Netero would have been blamed if they had tried to go over the board, especially since Netero had trouble convincing them to allow even the few members of the Extermination Team. Morel continues to complain about the board's mentality, wondering how Knov can be so calm when the dangerous Squadron Leaders are still free. Knov recognizes their strength and the danger they pose, and Morel worries that the board is dragging their feet so much because they want them to fail.

Knov asks him if he's talking about the rumors that the supporters of the Vice-Chairman are bribing the board to only give jobs to the Hunters who have said they will vote for the Vice-Chairman in the next election. Knov tells him he has no proof, but Morel says that's the point and that it's too convenient that the Squadron Leaders keep getting away, with Netero taking the blame if they fail and the Vice-Chairman's supporters surely calling for Netero's resignation afterward. Morel continues to agonize over the situation, saying that even if they kill the King, the mission will be a failure if 5 million people die. Knov tells them that they and Netero knew this going in and that the deaths are unfortunately inevitable in order to take out the King.

Morel's phone suddenly rings with a call from Marcos, who urgently says that rumors of a coup are spreading throughout the country. Terrified, he also says that people are reporting mass graves and genocide, angrily asking if they're the ones responsible. Morel assures him it's not them and that he will explain later, telling him to stay calm so he's not discovered. As Morel realizes that the public at large has learned what's going on. Knov directs his attention to the television, where it's announced that Ming Jol-ik will be giving an emergency broadcast. The announcer tells everyone to increase the volume of the official speakers so everyone can hear his message, adding that everyone should turn on their radios and televisions.

Chap 234 - The manipulated Ming Jol-ik declaring martial law

The manipulated Ming Jol-ik declaring martial law

The manipulated dictator appears on screen wearing dark sunglasses and announces that East Gorteau is now under martial law. He informs the citizens that traitors have been exposed and need to be caught, ordering all residents to stay locked indoors and to not be swayed by any false propaganda from the enemy. Lastly, he says that soldiers will be going by their houses one by one and checking for terrorists, ordering them not to answer the door for anyone else. Morel gleefully realizes that Gon and Killua must be involved, and Knov worries about how well-prepared the Ants are, guessing that they had this secondary plan in case the sorting was discovered. He's also concerned that they're now able to use all the military force they want to seal off the entire country. Elsewhere, Killua feels extremely confident about taking on the enemy, promising to take down even their tanks and fighter jets.

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