"Drawing lots will determine the hunter and the hunted. "

— Lippo

Two Enemies (2人の敵, Futari no Teki) is the 23rd chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


The lottery draw will determine the hunter and the hunted. The I.D. numbers of the remaining examinees are put inside the box. The examinees then draw one card each in the order they exited the tower. After everyone has drawn their cards, Lippo explains that the tabulator has automatically recorded the I.D. number each person has drawn so the cards may be discarded. The number that each examinee has drawn marks their target, and whoever has gotten the number corresponding to their own is their hunter. To pass, the examinees need six points: their own badge, if in possession, is worth three points, while their target's badge is worth another three points. All the other badges are worth one point.

The examinees then travel to Zevil Island for two more hours, accompanied by Khara. Khara says that at this point, everyone is invited to take next year's exam, so even if they fail, they are encouraged to try again. The examinees pay no attention to her as they worry over who their hunters and targets are. Most of them have already taken precautions. Killua approaches Gon and asks him which number he drew. They decide to show each other at the same time. To Killua's surprise, Gon picked Hisoka's number, #44. Gon asks Killua if he knows who #199 is. Killua says that he tried to look around after the rules were laid out but everyone has already hidden their badges. After a brief silence, Killua asks Gon if he is feeling excited or scared, and Gon says that he is feeling both. Gon remarks that he cannot beat Hisoka in a fair battle, but he may have a chance if all he has to do is steal a badge. With his current skill level, Gon then says that all he can do is try. Killua then bids both of them good luck and takes his leave.

On Zevil Island, the examinees take turns entering the island in the order of shortest to longest run time in the tower. There is a two-minute interval between each examinee, and they have exactly one week to get all six points and return to the landing site. Hisoka is the first to leave. Kurapika remarks that the earlier examinees have an advantage because they can hide faster and watch where their target goes. As Gon sets foot on the island, he immediately looks for Hisoka, but then feels someone is watching him. Geretta is shown to be hiding in the trees and keeping an eye on Gon.

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