6: Part 1 (6-(1), Roku (1)) is the 244th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


In only his tenth game, the King beats the national champion of Go and leaves him stunned. The man throws out several excuses as to why he lost, including exhaustion and a fever, and the King offers him medicine and eight hours to rest, telling him he will have no excuses now and to rest as if his life depended on it. The man slowly stumbles away, and Pouf praises the King's skill at having mastered Go more quickly than shogi. The King says he learned that the games may have different rules, but it's all about finding your opponent's rhythm and disrupting it.

Pouf agrees with the King's analysis and introduces the last pro board game in East Gorteau, called Gungi, saying that it originated in the country and nearly every citizen knows how to play. The King asks for the rulebook, and Pouf explains that like the other games, the ultimate goal is to checkmate the opposing king, but Gungi has a third dimension since pieces can be stacked on top of each other (up to three high) and the opening arrangement of pieces varies. He ends by saying that East Gorteau has never lost the world championship in the 15 years that it's been held, and there have been three champions over those years, with the reigning champion having won the past five years. The King realizes that if he beats this champion, it will make him the best in the world, and he calls them forth.

Youpi draws back the curtain, and a blind girl walks forward using a cane. She kneels opposite the King and bows before him, honored to be in his presence. He tells her to wait until he finishes learning the rules, and she says he doesn't sound like the dear leader, but he quickly tells her that the leader has died and he's the new king. The girl quickly apologizes for her ignorance, but the King threatens her with death to be silent while he studies, and she instantly obeys his word.

244 - Komugi

Komugi opening her eyes when she plays Gungi

The King finishes learning the rules, but looks up to see the girl lying down like she's sleeping. Pouf explains that she passed out because she closed her mouth when she was told to shut up, and since her nose is stuffed up, she was unable to breathe. The King notes her stupidity, and the girl is woken up, embarrassed by what happened, and saying her parents scold her for not doing things even babies can. The King tells her to start the match, and the girl bows and then calmly opens her eyes. He asks her if she can see, but she assures him she can't and will need him to say his moves out loud, adding that she can't help opening her eyes during a game and offering to try to close them if it makes him uncomfortable. The King is fine with it, but gets a different feeling from the girl, who plays the first move of the match.

Having met up near Mandai City, Gon, Knuckle, and Shoot worry that Killua still has his phone turned off. Gon tells them that Killua said he would be the one calling him, and Knuckle is annoyed they have to wait for him to call. Meleoron watches in hiding from the nearby bushes, criticizing the appearances of both Knuckle and Shoot, and unsure if he would be able to trust them. Several stray dogs appear, and Gon wonders what they're doing. Shoot says that Knuckle has been feeding all the animals that were left behind by their owners, and Knuckle quickly corrects him to say not all of them, angrily mentioning that he had to give up on the ones that weren't going to make it. He talks about the ones he couldn't save and begins to cry, trying his best to hide it. Meleoron continues to watch and says that Knuckle's new demeanor won't change his mind, but admits that it might change it a little.

Back in the palace, the blind girl declares checkmate, and the King quickly analyzes her strategy, realizing he's not good enough to compete as he asks for another game. She happily complies, while snot still runs from her nose, and the two play into the night. The girl wins another match and praises how quickly the King is learning, but he tells her to take a break. The girl says she's fine and adds that she can play Gungi for three days in a row, but the King interrupts her, saying that he has a rematch to play with someone else. She agrees to take a short break and walks off. Pouf approaches and asks how things are going, and the King says it will only take him four or five more games to make her start playing for real, allowing him to identify and disrupt her rhythm as he did with the others. Youpi arrives and tells the King that the Go player hanged himself, showing his suicide note. The King gives a slight laugh and tells him to call the girl back so they can continue playing.

Chap 244 - Morel sending his Smoke Troopers throughout Peijin

Morel sending his "Smoke Troopers" throughout Peijin

In the capital city of Peijin, Morel is seen using his ability Deep Purple to create numerous "Smoke Troopers" to patrol the city. It's explained that he first makes a ball of aura, serving as a nucleus, which he surrounds with smoke aura into a human-like figure. With commands programmed into the aura core, the smoke puppets are free-moving and Morel can create up to 216 of them. But Morel explains that since he programmed them with a complex command against counterattacks, he can only make 50 for now. However, he adds that these 50 are very effective, especially since En is unable to tell them apart from a human. Morel understands that Pitou's top priority is protecting the King and that he's using the puppets for defense. He's confident that he can keep them busy, but worries about the King and trying to predict his actions.

Morel leaps up to a rooftop and spots one of the puppet soldiers floating above the city and firing toward him, but he quickly uses his pipe to send him far back. As Flutter's Satellitonbo are seen flying behind Morel, he spots Cheetu standing on a neighboring rooftop, and the Chimera Ant is happy to see him again. Morel realizes that Cheetu has greatly improved, getting a different vibe from him and noticing that A.P.R. is no longer attached to him (and that it hasn't changed into I.R.S.). He wonders why Knuckle didn't call him if something happened. Down below in the streets, Leol is shown watching the two, confidently saying that regardless of who wins, he will take advantage of the situation and benefit in the end.

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