"I'll just wait and let him make the first move!!"

— Gon

The Second Day (2日目, Futsukame) is the 25th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Chibi Gon and Killua
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After practicing for a full day, Gon masters hitting birds with his fishing rod. However, he still needs to find Hisoka. All of a sudden, he notices a kind of butterfly attracted to the smell of his blood. Meanwhile, someone phones Hisoka and asks if he has taken his target's plate yet. Hisoka denies. That person says Hisoka probably doesn't even know who his target is and offers to give him information on his prey. However, Hisoka says it isn't necessary, for he plans to hunt down three people.

Gon recalls that Hisoka was injured in the tower, and decides to follow the butterflies' attraction to blood to find Hisoka. On his way, he comes across Kyu who got wounded by the poison arrow the other day. Gon places him safely under a tree and wishes him better luck next year. Gon continues to follow the butterflies and sees Hisoka. Gon becomes quite nervous. He hides behind some bushes and waits for an opportune moment to strike.

Somewhere else on the island, Leorio encounters Tonpa. Tonpa assures Leorio that he is not his target and proves it by showing him a plate of his actual target, #191. Leorio says that Tonpa is not his target and shows him a plate of #246. Tonpa claims to know everything about Leorio's target and asks for some pain medication in exchange. Leorio agrees and proceeds to open his briefcase. However, he gets ambushed by another examinee hiding behind the bushes, and he loses his plate. Tonpa confesses that the two of them are working together and his actual target was Leorio: he simply exchanged plates with his teammate as a disguise. Leorio becomes enraged and runs after Tonpa. At this time, Kurapika appears and knocks out Tonpa. Then he asks Kurapika to be his teammate.

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