2: Part 2 (2-2), Ni (2)) is the 256th chapter of the Hunter × Hunter manga, written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.


Chap 256 - Pouf restraining himself from harming Komugi

Pouf restraining himself from harming Komugi

After the King offers an exhausted Komugi a break from their games of Gungi, the spectating Pouf thinks to himself that Komugi really will become a liability to the King. As she excuses herself and walks past him reading his book, Pouf begins to slowly raise his right hand, but he swiftly grabs his wrist with his other hand to control himself. His book falls to the floor, and Komugi excuses herself before leaving. Pouf thinks that he must not act hastily, since killing Komugi now would mean that the King would only ever know defeat in Gungi as he hasn't yet beaten her while she's at her peak.

Pouf begins to cry, with a single tear quickly turning into a stream as he starts to wail, thinking to himself about how foolish he was for almost letting a reckless impulse leave an irreversible scar on the King. He begins to play his violin as he bawls, telling himself that the only way he'll be able to make up for this will be with his own life, laid down after he's assured that the King will reign over the world. Youpi passes by and looks toward the wailing Pouf in confusion.

Chap 256 - The group discussing their plan for the night of the rally

The group discussing their plan for the night of the rally

Elsewhere in an abandoned building, the Extermination Team discuss their infiltration strategy, and it's decided that the six of them and Morel will invade the palace from Knov's Nen mansion. Knuckle says that Netero will be coming from outside Pitou's En and will be a few seconds later, and that that time can be used to separate the Royal Guards from the King. He asks the group what the three guards will do if they show up in the middle of their camp, and Gon replies that they'll protect the King with their own lives by surrounding him in a triangle formation. Killua says that it'll be difficult to knock them back, and Meleoron explains that that's where he comes in, with Killua realizing that they will have two surprises to exploit.

A strategy is formed and drawn out, with Killua then asking the group if they have any questions. Gon inquires about Palm's well-being, to which Killua replies that logically she must either be dead or hiding out. He adds that if she had escaped, she would have called them, and she was prepared to take her own life if she was discovered. Shoot agrees with Killua's assessment and says that if they attempted to find her, it would be an insult to her resolve. As a despondent look comes over Gon's face, Knuckle rebukes both of them for being too harsh and says that Gon is just worried about her. Killua says that a rookie worries like that, angering Knuckle, but adds that if Palm was captured, the Chimera Ants would know all about their plan. Shoot agrees, and Killua says the only thing they can do is trust Palm.

Meleoron tries to clarify Gon's point, saying that there's still time to change the plan if Palm has been captured. Killua chides him for being too soft with Gon, saying that Gon would make rescuing Palm their top priority if he could (and ask them how to do it). Both Gon and Knuckle realize that he's right, and Killua recognizes Gon's concern for Palm, but sternly tells him to forget about her until the mission is done. Meleoron understands that any distractions could lead to their downfall, and Killua says that Palm could still call them in the remaining two days.

Chap 256 - Meruem and Komugi resuming their Gungi play

Meruem and Komugi resuming their Gungi play

The King and Komugi resume playing Gungi, discussing various strategies as the girl tells him that he can't always play aggressively. Pouf gets the King's attention, but doesn't want to discuss the matter in front of Komugi. The King says that it's fine, and Pouf rambles on about the national rally in two days. The King tells him to get to the point, and Pouf brings up "unification" after the rally's completion. The King loses patience and wonders why Pouf is bothering him with such minutiae, leaving the matter up to him and ordering him to stay out until called. Pouf moves outside the room and sits near Youpi, who chuckles at the fact that the King made him leave too. He's confident that things will go back to normal once the King wins, and asks Pouf if it should still only be a couple more games. Pouf, however, says that this is not the case anymore, explaining that while the King may be improving, the girl is doing so as well. He says that he can no longer predict the outcome, but Youpi stays confident that it's only a matter of time.

Pitou keeps watch atop the palace and gazes toward Peijin in the distance, certain that the person who killed Leol is working alone. They say that Welfin reported that the soldiers running through the city were just puppets made of smoke, with their complex behavior throwing Pitou off. They say that Morel can't use as many puppets as they can, but again mentions the greater complexity. Pitou gets the sudden urge to fight him, but knows they can't leave their post, wishing Morel would come to them and meowing loudly toward the sky as Youpi looks on in confusion.

The Extermination Team split up, with Knuckle and Shoot planning to sneak into Peijin to throw off the Ants' theory that only one person is behind things there. Knuckle says that once the East Gorteau citizens begin their march toward the palace, the three of them will vanish. He hopes the Ants will assume that they're hiding within the crowd in an attempt to assassinate the King, diverting their attention to outside the palace when the group will suddenly appear inside via Knov's portal. Using a makeshift layout of the palace, Knuckle guesses that the King will be in the throne room on the third floor in order to watch the sorting process. Killua thinks back on Knuckle's analysis, but wonders if the King will really be there, saying that something isn't right. One day remains until the Hunters' infiltration of the palace.

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